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I just saw this, the latest Shahrukh Khan film, and it was AWESOME. There was a lot of shouting and running and field hockey and most importantly Shahrukh Khan doing all of these things often at the same time. I now want to go out and shout Chak De! to people. And if I wouldn't die of a heart attack I would take up playing street hockey once more.

Cut for discussing the most awesome scene which is also obviously a spoiler )

ETA: And now I will destroy my cheery mood by watching the last two episodes of Silence. I keep having to pause this one because the angst is too much. It's almost superangst it is so powerful. The only way I keep myself going is by hoping that the evil dad gets run over by a truck or thrown out of a plane into the desert to suffer. IF THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IT WILL BE ONE MORE PROOF OF AN UNJUST UNIVERSE.

ETA 2: I thought it wasn't possible for me to hate Evil Dad anymore than I did. Turns out I was wrong. My hatred of him is so pure and burning it gets me through the angst in the other scenes because I am hopeful of a horrific fate for him. I just sit there devising new ones as the episodes go on.

ETA 3: Hey, Evil Dad? You know when you say that maybe god is punishing you? I'd take out the 'maybe' if I were you because I'm pretty sure any just deity would like to do so for your horrible treatment of your wife and son for over 20 years, breaking your son's heart, blackmailing his OTP into leaving him, firing half the workers in your factories, deserting your first wife and never taking care of your daughter by her, and sundry other offences including being a grade A wanker who is horrible to everyone around them.

ETA 4: Well, that was depressing. I think I've read happier Dostoevsky novels.
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You know, I may now be deeply caught up in the thrilling angst and melodrama of doramas, but nothing will ever displace my one true love: Bollywood. And the greatness of Shahrukh Khan. The first time you see him, you wonder what the fuss is about. And then you watch him for a bit and somehow you're interested and there's a certain something about him that makes you understand why he's a Bollywood megastar.

Here he is in a still from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, walking away from his love - who happens to be married to someone else. This was a very shocking Bollywood because of the adultery theme, but I really liked it (and I am generally not mad about adultery being the focus of a film).

cut the image because I didn't quite realize how horrendously large it was )

Behind the cut some youtube videos to hopefully convince of his awesomeness )
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Please do not let the Rangers win. Not only do I dislike them on general principal, any team that Brendan Shanahan* plays for must earn my ire.

*This is a very long story involving his behaviour when he was captain of the Hartford Whalers. I usually start foaming when I think about it, so I will not go in the graphic detail of the betrayal.

It's a bit sad that I don't really have a team I'm rooting for in this year's cup. I guess it's Buffalo by default and the Senators, but I don't feel attached to any of them in any meaningful way, so while I enjoy it's not like I invest in it. Though that is easier on the old heart and emotions.

Also, I am home sick today watching the Bollywood film Duplicate which features SRK dancing around in an apron and also appearing in drag. Um. It's one of those situations where you are not sure what to think...

ETA: O mighty hockey gods I salute you for your greatness and beneficence! Take that, Rangers!
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I’ve just watched Swades and it moved me unreasonably to copious tears in almost every scene. I come from the back end of nowhere in Ireland (we were 10 miles off the coast of Ireland and were cut off for weeks in the winter) and this desire to link between modern information circuits and remote areas just gripped me so much and reminded me of my youth and that wondering about what was out there which was so naive and so desperate and so many other things too. I am not ashamed to say that I cried because of the wonders of satellites and the much smaller wonders of 24 hour electricity (when I was small we lost the electricity for at least an hour a day while the generator transferred and much longer if the petrol was in short supply) and because someone believed that people from nowhere could make a difference. I don’t know why but the magic of power is still alive in me even now and I don’t take it for granted – even if I know that in Ireland we are part of the digital age with a vengeance and all of this is inconceivable to someone who grew up in the last ten years.

I am a dinosaur who guards a past that doesn’t even exist any longer. And I'm glad it doesn't exist any more.


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