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I had forgotten how much I hated useless Step-Brother in this. I REFUSE TO THINK OF HIM BEING ALL TORMENTED WITH HIS INCESTY LOVE AND ALL. I WANT HIM DEAD. Plus all the relatives, all round. Hero and Heroine would have been better being orphans left on the steps to a monastery somewhere than getting this bunch.
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I have decided to rewatch Stairway to Heaven. THE CRAZY EYES OF EVIL STEPSISTER ARE AS MAGNIFICENT AS EVER. Also, given how much hero cries, I hope he drinks plenty of liquids or else he'll become a shrivelled husk.
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Despite heading off to sports bar to see the Senators play the Ducks* in the Stanley Cup finals (becuase, sob, our giant TV, she is broken and had to be returned to manufacturer leaving us with small telly, which it is sadly no fun to watch) I finished this wretched drama.

This was, without a doubt, one of the most embarassing things I have ever watched, and I've watched some bad TV in my time. I watched every single episode of the WB's Tarzan, for heaven's sake. But this, this, exceeded all that by a factor of 5000%. It's like someone took all the plots of dramas that they had ever seen and just jammed them all in one show.

I can't believe I'm cutting for spoilers about this show. )

*While I am glad the Senators won, there were some terrible calls in that game. I am completely puzzled by many of the penalties the Ducks got - and trust me, I don't support them, even though I like Selanne and Giguere.

ETA: If you haven't yet, go make your own Asian drama below! I am amused by how many of you think they should meet when the heroine punches the hero in the face and also want the hero to express his angst through violence. Also, psychic librarians are clearly the drama heroine of choice.
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Then you'll understand why I am still watching Stairway to Heaven. Sorry, if this the kdrama you love the most, but I just can't get over the evil stepsister's 'acting' with her mad eyes and the evil stepmother's teeth-barring. Why anyone in the drama hasn't worked out they are evil is beyond me! Clearly no normal person would have the mad eyes or the snarling to this degree!

I can only really get through it by ffing through it, but still I have to keep watching because the power of it compells me. I think I might hate them all. Except for the heroine. And possibly the hero who does a good 'passing out in the shower while you cry out the name of your lost first love' scene. Also his ability to do angsty driving is beyond compare.

For those of you who may be unaware of the plot I present it in all its splendour:

A girl (Jung Suh) is bestest friends with the rich Song Joo. SJ, alas, heads off to America while JS suffers woe and evils at the hands of her new stepmother and stepsister. Her stepbrother, however, decides that falling in love with her would be the bestest thing ever. Um. Not unnaturally JS is rather freaked out by this, but because she is a nice girl she doesn't want to wound the young boy who is cruelly treated by stepmother also. Clearly, nothing good is coming of this.

Then, finally, SJ returns from America but horrid, horrid stepsister is determined that the childhood friends will not reunite and runs over Jung Suh with her car. Amnesia follows for JS. Her stepbrother, crazed with love, takes her off and lives with her because she knows not who she is and that she was rather creeped out by his love as a kid. But because this is a Korean drama nothing actually happens, but still I think we can all agree this was not very nice. 5 years pass and everyone else comes back into contact by accident. But alas the rich boy and the evil stepsister have become engaged even though clearly he loves her not at all.

1. Stepsister's evil eyes and teeth showing.
2. Stepmother also showing teeth and shrieking.
3. Stalking of Jung Suh by the rich boy because she looks like his lost love
4. Engagement betweeen the stepsiblings because, of course, Jung Suh doesn't know about the stepsibling bit.
5. ANGSTY DRIVING. And the obligatory Kdrama scene of the heroine running through the street shouting 'oppa' as loudly as she can.
6. Tasteful weeping. Very tasteful weeping.
7. Other things I have ffed through including the leads dressing up like Cinderella and her prince, but that was too painful to watch. THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH ONE CAN TAKE!!!
8. Excitement in the thrilling world of fashion designing.
9. No one believing Jung Suh when she gets her memories back. Why they just don't check dental records or fingerprints or anything like that is beyond me.
10. Mopey piano playing by the lead.
11. A boatload of angst.
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wins on the absolutely evil stepparent front. So evil, she even hated her own son because she decided only one child could get it all and that child was her daughter. It also wins with the evil stepsiblings (yes, I include the stepbrother who compounded the evil because of lurve!).

But since [livejournal.com profile] caerbannog talked about the evil stepsister's mad eyes I haven't been able to watch a scene where she does the whole widening and rollong of the eyes thing (usually combined with a barring of the teeth that she clearly learned off mother) without laughing.

Now the heroine has her memories back I am expecting great things. Especially as she now has a spine and is out for righteous vengeance. Hurrah!

ETA: The only way to get through this drama is with a *lot* of fastforwarding.
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This is one of the specialities of your average Asian drama hero - they must offer classes in it at acting school. For some reason it is a very male genre, though: the women tend to run through the streets weeping and shouting 'oppa!'. Sometimes they get to shout something else, but they have to walk as they weep, while the guy gets to sit in leather upholstry and think about the woes of the world.

The hero of Stairway to Heaven has really mastered the art of angsty driving: not too much turning of the wheel, staring ahead (sometimes with a tear in the eye, sometimes not), the look of longing...he's got it all perfected. YS in Tree of Heaven was pretty good, but he got to sit in the back as he moped, so he could devote his whole attention to it so that's a bit of an unfair advantage, I think.


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