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I started watching this, but feel a bit conflicted. I like all the female characters, who are clearly far too good for the men and should run off together and be awesome and happy. But I have rather zero sympathy for any of the men. I understand emo hero is messed up because of background, but cannot really recover from one of his first major actions as an adult being threatening to set fire to protestors on a boat so they will sign to agree to a development. I know that he wanted the money for a defence lawyer for a friend but it's hard come back from that one. And, honestly, after he has sold his soul to big mob lawyer and is clearly willing to do anything for his big chance, then it's really hard to have immense amounts of sympathy for anything he experiences. It doesn't mean he's not interesting and I get why he's this way - it's more I have zero sympathy for his fate. You did it yourself mate and you and your colleagues are more than willing to beat the crap out of innocent people on behalf of your boss, so I basically lump you with all the other people I think I am supposed to think of as worse than you. So, hmmm. I sort of want all the menfolk to suffer together horribly forever and the women to sail off and be happy.

However, I did also start watching Tamra, the Island which is very entertaining. I have more or less stopped twitching when I see William's horrific hair - it is better when it is wet and as he seems to have to leap in the water every 5 minutes that's quite a bit of time. I did find it rather entertaining that according to Kdrama evil parents are a universal and William's mum is also probably the sort of person who whacks her kids with sticks to make them behave. I also enjoy Exile Hero being all emo about heroine clearly finding this strange foreigner endearing and having to watch as she gives him clothes. Though sub-plot about thievery is interesting, I am mainly here for William-Heroine-Hero shenanigans.


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