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There has been an update on the bunny translation front thanks to [livejournal.com profile] outeeyore: it all might have to do with a confusion over a word for 'of course.'* I will have to ponder deeply on this one and think about what it truly means to all of us to say 'that is bunnies.' Is it deep wisdom of the sort we should not just discard in mockery? Does it hold the key to the universe? I don't know: all I know is 'that is bunnies' will be a phrase I try to use at least once a day. It has a certain calming quality.

There were many things which were left unexplained in Spring Waltz, not the least being the hero's unfortunate haircut. But at the moment I am also wondering why he slept in jumpers/sweaters. No, really, he did: this man wore knitwear to bed. Do they not heat Korean hotels? Or maybe he just wanted to be ready to spring out of bed and play piano without having to look around for clothes? Or was it fear of abandonment? These are deep waters indeed.

In other thrilling news, I went to a nice get together for 4th of July but was almost hit by at least 2 drunk drivers on the way home. NOOOOOO! Not the car! I've just spent $1,800 getting that wretched flashing light and beeping noise of DOOM fixed.

*And this brings up one of the things I love about LJ. I post my despair over subtitles and this strange phrase and I get several people hunting about for an answer. It's quite smashing and I've learned all sorts of other interesting things about Korean and Chinese in the process. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and help! It is more than bunnies, it is surely (at least) an Irish Hare. :)

ETA: Er, what's a good beginning learn Korean book? I've watched so many of these dramas now that I understand some things but if I theoretically wanted to go further what would be something good to read?

ETA 2: And in strange language things, I was remembering when my sister lived in Holland for several years and learned Dutch - except she spoke it with this heavy German accent. According to her teacher this often happened with Irish people who learned the language. Very strange and not really the accent you want with Dutch.
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By dint of going through various subtitle files for Spring Waltz on jdramas and then watching the episode again (episode 8 about 42.50 in, for anyone who cares) I have discovered what the subtitler meant by 'that is bunnies.' And it is (at least according to the amateur subtitles) 'they should become a couple now.' Of course, I have no idea how you go from one to the other except beyond thinking that the subtitler thought of 'love-bunnies' or something of that ilk.

This is, I should point out, the person who translated concealer as 'cake'. That's concealer as in make-up concealer. And told me that Philip apparently searched high and low for his mother's grave so he could confess he missed his dog (another mystery I sorted out with the help of less confused subtitles).

Despite the subtitler's best attempts, however, I finished the series. There was a certain amount of ffing through scenes by the end because of the introduction of young child who was being dragged around by hero's real evil father. I did not approve of this development, though I guess some might find it winsome. Then there was some more angst, Philip looked like he might have a chance with girl only to get his heart kicked around some more, heroine ran off with hero, hero got engaged (again!) to fake first love, mad parents did things, Philip angsted in an incredibly attractive way, then happy ending. Not for Philip, though. And there was very little angsty driving. But crying and saying 'oppa' made an appearance instead.

That, my friends, is bunnies. And, no, I still am not tired of saying that.

I guess now it's either 'My Girl' (which I already own) or 'My Lovely Sam Soon' which I would need to obtain by some means. Admittedly, the latter has Daniel Henney in it and he gets a girl, but I fear the subtitles I might end up with.
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This one is by the also very lovely and kind [livejournal.com profile] sucrelefey. Now I have one for those dark Bunny times!


Jul. 2nd, 2007 01:57 pm
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Look at my new icon! Isn't is smashing? The immensely kind and talented [livejournal.com profile] calixa made it for me! Thank you so much! And thank you anonymous subtitler of Spring Waltz and your mangling of the English language. We'll always have bunnies to remember you by And no, I am not considering spending $75 on the official copy of Spring Waltz just so I can have intelligible subtitles. Not at all.
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Would any of the lovely icon makers on my flist be willing to make me an icon that says 'That is bunnies'? I would be pathetically grateful.

I think Spring Waltz has eaten my brain.


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