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I've been afraid of watching this because it combines one of my great loves, hockey, and another thing I enjoy, doramas. I kept thinking about how it would be sure to disappoint and crush all my hopes of something mixing everything I enjoyed. It's about a Japanese hockey team and their star player who has a serious case of Bureism/Jagrism. Clearly the best player on the team he just seems to want the puck passed to him. As he is the captain I feel this is a terrible, terrible way to play and thus it will take me a lot of time to warm up to him even if he is played by Kimura Takuya who I really, really like as an actor.

I am only on first episode but I am quite enjoying it (sorry [livejournal.com profile] koalathebear because I know you don't like this one). Though Halu, seriously, you should listen to new coach from NHL who actually knows what he is talking about, while clearly your old coach did not. I do not like old coach at all.

And the goalie should be madder. Goalies are always nuts and not well-balanced individuals. Have they not seen every hockey movie ever made? Or read about any actual goalies? Hmpph! And if Halu is a real skilled player surely he should be pining about playing in Canada? I know this doesn't have to be realistic, but every hockey player ever wants to play in North America. And preferably for one of the original six teams.

Plus there is not enough hockey. Not nearly enough.

ETA: Oh, now I feel bad because the old coach just died. Still, he wasn't terribly nice. Or a very good coach.

ETA 2: Despite sadness about the lack of nearly nekkid men in the locker room scenes (a terrible waste of fine manhood, that) I was strangely delighted by the fact that Halu took the heroine on a zamboni ride. That's a real sign of love.

ETA 3: Halu standing out heroine's door saying 'I kind of like those who are sad and suffering, never running away, but standing face to face with themselves...'? I think I might have expired in that scene.
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