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The picture of the new Doctor here fills me with every sort of horror imaginable. THE HAIR, OH GOD, THE HAIR. NOW I KNOW WHERE THE HAIR FROM THAT BLOKE IN TWILIGHT WENT.
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A Quote from Stephen Moffat (via i09

"Although I loved Peter Davison and Paul McGann, probably the best two actors in the role, I don’t think young, dashing Doctors are right at all... He should be 40-plus and weird-looking — the kind of wacky grandfather kids know on sight to be secretly one of them."

While I've enjoyed watching many doctors young and old over the years the words "wacky grandfather" send shivers through my soul. And not the good sort, either.
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No! Don't disagree! I know you are just hating if you do. LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU IF YOU DISAGREE.

Because my sister said that my mum (whom neither of us knew actually watched Doctor Who) texted her with an OMG! about the season finale I have been impelled to catch up* so I can watch it. And Donna Noble is absolutely, definitely the best companion ever.

* On The Doctor's Daughter now.

If you comment I don't mind if you spoil me. I am so spoiled that if I were milk I would...well, you know.

ETA: Oh right, I'd forgotten I don't like Alex Kingston. I blame all the terrible writing she got as Corday on ER. It is hard to think of her not shrieking at Mark for something or other. I'M WEAK THAT WAY.
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Because I cannot contain myself because of the unpopular opinions seething up inside myself I will be committing the cardinal sin of liveblogging (well, only liveblogging in Canada). Sadly, I am missing the first episode of heroes for this and 'Last of the Time Lords.'

Cut because there will be spoilers )

And in thrilling news of crap movies I started watching 'Damon and Pythias.' I haven't seen the titular heroes yet but there are baddies with excellent short tunics riding around and killing off old men. Well, only one old man and he was evil. They chucked money at him first, though, which seems very wasteful.
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1. Gave up on 'Sad Sonata' because there is only so much melodrama and cheese that even I can take. I lasted up till episode 12 or so, which is when the heroine impressed everyone in Korea with her singing, hero creepily decided not to tell heroine that he was still alive but spent huge amounts of time angsting and staring at her and her fiance having physical contact of any sort, and secondary male lead got punched by his dad for selling shares or possibly something else - I was a bit of a ffing machine by that stage. Anyway, I am sure it was one of the doramas where everyone dies unhappy and cries a lot and has terrible emotional crises at pivotal points in the episodes. Heroine was particularly drippy and annoyingly unappreciative and kept moping about her (not actually) dead first love when I felt she should have appreciated falling on her feet with secondary male lead.

2. Started watching multiple doramas at one time. This is probably not a good idea as I suspect I will get them horribly confused and wonder why there are not hot, tortured policemen in shows set in the world of fashion design. Or in coffee shops.

3. And relating to 2, I watched about about an episode and a half of 'Time of Dog and Wolf.' I felt a bit conned by so long being spent with childhood versions of Hero and Heroine at the start as I was really watching this for Joon Ki standing around being attractive and emoting and I was denied this for much longer than was surely necessary. I am not certain what I feel about this: I am not a huge fan of cop shows in general and although this isn't bad it very much is a secret service/cop show. With, of course, the kdrama standards of first love lost and forbidden passion.

4. Kept watching Silence, which is on course to rip my heart out by carefully and cunningly exploiting all the usual cliches. Damn you, and your skillful use of Vic Zhou angsting.


5. There's been a lot of gnashing of teeth about the fact that now all of the Doctor companions fall in love with him and then are lost and lonely once he dumps them because their time is up and they are no longer puppyish and attractive. I have the perfect cure for this problem: he needs to find a dorama hero or heroine who already has a first love. As anyone knows who watches a dorama, there is a 95% chance that you will die a sad and lonely person if you cannot find the person you fell in love with when you were 12 and you will never, never love anyone else once you have given your heart in the way that children do. So, basically all the Doctor needs to do is find himself one of those and it wouldn't matter if he regenerated into Jeremy Northam, Hugh Jackman, or whoever, they still wouldn't love him.* The downside is that they might end up dying tragically and beautifully on the console at an inconvenient time but that's a small price to pay for emotional peace in the Tardis.

* One of them resisted Daniel Henney. I think if you can cast aside Daniel Henney in your search for your first love, you'd easily dismiss David Tennant.
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It's the second time I've seen The Runaway Bride and I liked it even more this time around. Donna is loud and brash and noisy but she was also oddly reflective and perceptive. And saw the humour in it all. And slapping the Doctor will never not be fun to watch. Plus any woman who can run around through all of that mess and still keep her wedding dress white is possessed of some superhuman talent which needs to be patented and marketed.

The funny thing is that I think that as a companion she worked really well because she was the emotional lynchpin of the episode, the one that points out the consequences and flaws of the doctor - in much the same way that Sarah Jane worked last season. The Doctor needs someone who really has no idea of what is going on so he can explain things to the audience them. If the companion knows a lot that's not going to happen. But if they can combine that with the companion also being a reflection of what the Doctor is and how scary his life is and how damaging he can be, then that is a situation made of win. Yes.

And as for Martha and the moon bound hospital of Space Rhino Infestation, she was quite lovely. Though I am not sure I needed it said out loud quite so often how smart she was. I get it! I am quite sure she is smart: please do not hit me over the head with it.

Space Rhinos are great, too. But Space Bunnies would be better. Why you not give me Space Bunnies, Doctor Who? Is it prejudism? I bet it is.

Also my little [livejournal.com profile] doctard heart was warmed by the way the Doctor tossed that slut the sonic screwdriver aside when it broke. He'd never do that to the TARDIS.
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This is probably one of the things you are not ever supposed to admit, but I do see the new Who and the old Who as disparate things. All right, they've both got Daleks and companions, but still I don't think that you have to watch through all the old ones to get the new one. Especially as everyone now has gone through the stresses and trauma of a new doctor and a new companion. Once you've gone through that rite of passage and the whole process of having to adjust to the shift, I think you really know what Who is all about.

That said, you are missing some amazing things in early Who if you don't look at old episodes. And one of those amazing things is Troughton, the second Doctor. Not only is he brilliant and has great companions but also the episodes still look good - the ones the BBC didn't burn, that is. (I bet they're sorry now and many executives weep when they think of all the money they are losing). Something about black and white film, the camera work (Troughton gets some of the best of that), and the excellent writing makes these seem crisper than some other early stuff. Maybe because compared to what else was out there, Who at this stage wasn't that far behind, whereas with some of the later Who the special effects are clearly not exactly cutting edge. I will try not to mention the horror of Doctor Seven's cardboard Daleks.

Also there is Jamie. And Zoe, who makes a computer explode through math. And the great thing? She does it because it really annoys her and is allowed to have a great deal of fun with it. There's no 'oh, this is a big deal, which I must solve with math, look kiddies, math!' - it's just 'hey this computer is very annoying, I will feed it impossible equations until it blows up! Yay!' THERE SHOULD BE MORE OF THIS ON WHO. People need to have more fun with tormenting machinery.

And there is the introduction of UNIT. And Cybermen invading earth. What more could you ask for?

ETA: 30 Rock: Welcome to the country where we don't go out in the evening because of the wolves! Hee! For some reason this reminds me of where I used to live as a kid where sometimes you had to bring the cat in because it got so windy that otherwise it would blow away. I am not kidding about this.
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Or are they? I am not in the fandom at all so I don't know, perhaps they're what everyone says. I've been rewatching it and I'm about halfway through the third season.

1. Zathros = least favourite character on anything ever. If he talks about himself in the third person one more time I will throw shoes at the screen. He is the most annoying thing about the time travel episodes and makes me hate them deeply and utterly.

2. Season One is not very good. I don't hate it or anything, but Commander Sinclair bores the pants off me. Also it has some dreadful writing of the sort that looks like it was done at top speed on the backs of napkins in bars. Sinclair also brings out the worst acting in others. I am a bit astonished it didn't get cancelled at the time.

3. I rather wish that there was a TV series where democracy works and doesn't turn out to be always hi-jacked by fascists. It would be nice.

But John and Delenn are excellent. They're the quite wonderful and only get better as it goes along. And this time watching it all the way through and not skipping episodes means that I can follow the time travel stuff.

ETA: As for the Guardian list of top 5 Doctor Who companions, I'm not really surprised at who made it as it is rather tilted towards the more recent companions or those who've had a role on the more recent episodes. I think Sarah Jane got a boost (not that I disagree with her position) because she reappeared on new Who as much as the fact that she is quite smashingly amazing. I am glad that Tegan didn't make the bottom 5, though, as I have mad love for her and her endless attempts to get to back to Heathrow. But why no Jamie? He was quite, quite wonderful and wore a skirt better than anyone. And because I really think Mary Tamm is the most gorgeous person ever on Who and a great actress as well I wish Romana I had made the list, but then I guess that's the result of being one of the older companions.

I am sad that Grace made the bottom five because I rather liked her, but I guess she gets caught up in the backwash of loathing for the TV movie. Also she killed the Doctor which strikes me as a bold introductory move.

I am going to come right out here and confess that I don't actually really like Ace very much, though I think that has to do a lot with my problematic feelings of the last years of Old Who, which is when I threw in the towel. If it helps, I don't dislike her as much as I did when I was watching it, when she drove me up the wall on a regular basis. Again, though I think that had to do with me getting unhappier and unhappier with Who as much as with the character.

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Due to about three people showing a vague interest and others wanting to point and laugh popular demand, I bring you [livejournal.com profile] doctard, the community for Doctor/Tardis shippers. No, really, I do.

You will note the admirable barebones layout (i.e. even without user pic) which I have gone for; this is because my mind is on the sublime quality of their relationship and not on lesser things like icons and layout.

There was a strong vote in favour of secret cabalness for the community. I could put it on moderated membership so people felt there was an approval process of great scrutiny. Like having to answer difficult questions like 'what colour is the Tardis?' However, that would involve actual work. And having to come up with questions.

Also, I want to start the mad shipping with a shipwar. Maybe if anyone joins we could take on the Doctor/Adric shippers. There can't be too many of them, right? I bet we could take them.

ETA: And LJ wouldn't let me add 'completely mad shipping' as an interest. I find that very totalitarian of them.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jonquil, we have a name for the Doctor/Tardis ship: DocTard.

As I've already done a photo essay on their OTP (Their love is is a forever thing), the next step is surely a community. A community where we can discuss everytime he lovingly touches, fondles, manhandles, or leans against the Tardis.

But because I believe in democracy, here is a chance to vote!

[Poll #817954]
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I was wondering if I became a crazy Doctor/Tardis shipper if anyone would think I was serious and be all offended because I did not ship the Doctor and some paltry humanoid? Or would they just pat me on the head and assume I was joking when I posted everywhere that the doctor would never love anything the way he loved the Tardis and they were SOULMATES FOREVER?

I am a bit tempted to test this out and see what happens. And then set up a Doctor/Tardis community where we* complain about all the other shippers and how mean they are.

*And by we, I mean me on my own. But I would create sock-puppets so I didn't look so lonely and sad.
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My very deep thoughts upon this Taiwanese miniseries about skullduggery and fashion design:

1. Sui (the heroine, prone to crying fits and somewhat self-absorbed) is very annoying. And dumb as a warren of rabbits. An intellectually challenged hamster could probably out think her.

2. Liang (the hero, who loves unbuttoned shirts) is very pretty. And is also very nice. As he has to put up with the eternally damp Sui as a girlfriend I believe he should run off with evil textile company queen who wants him for his body and his design skills.

3. Evil dad is great. He keeps separating his son (Liang) and Sui with an effortless ease that bespeaks years of evilness and plotting. And he smirks wonderfully and casts an aura of nastiness with careless abandon. I love evil dad.

4. Horrible teen star who is in love with Sui (like every other man except evil dad, who has taste) should run off with her and leave Liang for for the textile company queen. Or maybe just leave Liang to mope in disturbingly attractive pain and woe. Um.

5. Why did they drop the plot of evil dad running off with Sui's mum when Sui was a wee child? At least it gave her revenge fantasies some point.

And in other news, [livejournal.com profile] meyerlemon, who has been posting about CSI: NY for a while (speciically about Danny from that show) posted a link to a picture of the aforementioned Danny. And all I can say is --- well, yes indeed. I do not know what it is about the picture, but despite the fact that I hate these sorts of programmes I now want to watch this show.

And for Doctor Who stuff to do with new pictures what BBC has released )
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Some recent lj posts about Davison and the Fifth Doctor has made me realise that words cannot express how much I want this on DVD. It really is one of my favourite Who stories, despite the Black Guardian's unfortunate taste in head gear (he wears what looks like a hollowed out pigeon on his head. As he's evil, it's a black pigeon.

I have it on tape (which I am terrified will break one day) but it's not the same. I want commentary dammit! I want nice images and extras and all the other stuff. Why is there so little of Davison's Doctor on DVD? Is it because the BBC hates me?
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Ages ago I bought this Taiwanese soapy show called Mars.  A touching story of boys, girls, racing, evil twins, dastardly stepfathers, etc., etc. because [personal profile] dangermousie was having such fun watching it. I also got Meteor Gardens (a similar story of love and angst); I actually watched that but somehow Mars got put on the DVD shelf and lost behind other things.  But now [personal profile] dangermousie is going to rewatch it and I will be doing so with her.  I am ashamed to say how much I am looking forward to wallowing in unabashed angst for a while.  

And this is a bit random but  [personal profile] sutekh had a bit on the viewership of Doctor Who during the Curse of Fenric which got a viewership of 4 million (eek!), with 57% of the audience over 35, and only 23% under 15. Curse of Fenric is for me perhaps the best McCoy I've seen, but it does have that distressing tendency to toss far too much on screen and let the viewer sort it out as best they can.  I was happy that whoever directed it had Sophie Aldred not do as much of the shouting as she usually does. 
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So today is day 6 of my quitting smoking.  So far I have not fallen by the wayside, but I have managed to acquire a hacking cough which makes me sound like an ill-mannered consumptive and a very sort throat. It seems very unfair that I have give up the source of so much pleasure and ill-health only to be rewarded by this!  This is probably some very valuable sort of lesson for everyone, but I am not sure what sort.  

I am most impressed that I did not even smoke last night while at Tom Jones concert despite being with friend who did. Maybe it was the amazingness of the concert that did it, as Tom Jones was great.  There was some sort of band to open but I can't remember who they were as I wasn't really there for them.  I was there for Tom and his glorious twizzling body. Mind you, he has slowed down a fair bit (the trousers they are not so tight) and he did not sing 'Sexbomb' which made me sad. Instead we got Prince song as an encore. And no one threw their knickers.  I would have brought some to chuck but sadly we were too far away and I would have hit some innocent bystander on the head with me undies.

And now a tiny snippet about the finale of Doctor Who Season 2
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Just watched this for the first time in a while and while I do love it it I am 

a) struck by how dumb the Doctor is in this one.  'Do I have the right....?' Sure you do, and horrific wars bringing some people together in the occasional treaty is not enough of a reason to leave homicidal machines to run riot in the universe.  'Out of their evil must come something good' makes me gnash my teeth like a mad woman. 

b) also struck by how happy the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry are seconds after seeing Davros wipe out various scientists who wanted to stop him. They're all 'oh that was sad'  and seconds later there was mad glee. Of course, it only lasted seconds because there were Daleks on their trail, but still they bounced back fast after seeing people slaughtered in front of them.

c) a bit astounded by how happy the Doctor is to leave other people to deal with messes. Oh yes, let the various mutants and leftovers from the military deal with killing the Daleks.  Because they've got the capacity to do a bang up job with that.

I think a lot of this is even worse with the retroactive knowledge that the Doctor had to blow up Gallifrey and all the badly dressed time lords and ladies because he was so very stupid.  I bet he was sorry for that one.  Now I think of it, I suspect that that makes this one a wee bit better because he paid for his sins, he did.  Or rather, everyone else did. 
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So I watched the new Doctor Who and I have much mad love.  Um, I seem to be typing that a lot lately, but this is a new, higher quality love, greater than any I have had for any of this season.


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