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Having seen  Episode 7, which really freaked me out...  This is more serious than my last 'review' and contains some rather bitter comments on a real police force in the UK, so not really filled with squee.  Though this is one amazing series.

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I think I like this one even better than Four...

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"I am the Sheriff!"

And I keel over and die.
Oh god, I love this show.  Where does one go to blither about it?  Because I need to be in the company of people who won't judge me for my love of this show and my sudden need to talk about it a lot. And I mean a lot.  

Goes back to hoarding remaining episodes.   

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I don't actually have anything coherent to post about this show beyond my mad love. But that's never stopped me before, so why now?

But making the wee girl off the BBC Test pattern creepy and giant and actually menacing? Score one in the 'terrify me with my childhood icons, why don't you' category. Thank god Irish telly doesn't do shows like this because if anyone ever made the squirrels off Wanderly Wagon that scary I would probably never be able to turn TV on again.  

And I am fully aware that no one on my flist probably knows what Wanderly Wagon is but it was amazingly wonderful, I assure you.  And had squirrels. And a wagon. And I would cry if my memories of it were tarnished.

TV Delight!

Apr. 4th, 2006 01:48 pm
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So in the space of a short time I have:

a) discovered that BBC America is buying Life on Mars. This is astonishing as they currently seem to show nothing but What Not to Wear, Benny Hill, and Footballers' Wives. Because they're wankers and consciously select shows I can't abide.
b) the BBC is making a very expensive series of Robin Hood. Robin Hood is like crack to me. I will watch anything that involves him as a character. Anything.

This is excellent news. Also, I may or may not have written most of a Whofic with the working title of 'Rose Tyler becomes a lesbian,' a touching story of sexual reorientation, alien shopping experiences, and furry animals. Um, I am not quite sure what to do with it as it was mainly written to stop me doing any actual work.


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