Oct. 19th, 2010 08:22 am
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I have been so busy that I think my head will explode at some point. Well, it would fix any number of things even if it would be messy to clean up. (But at least I wouldn't be on the hook for that, what with not having a head and all.) But I have been massively enjoying Merlin this season.

Cut for mildish spoilers for season 2+3 )
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This is for [ profile] sajia. Um, I know it's not really what you requested, but hopefully it entertains for all that.

This is Camelot. Looks nice, doesn't it? All calm and serene, the sort of place you and your peasant brethren would like to raise a few kids. I bet this is what they put on the brochure telling you to move there. "No witches! Best knights in what will be Albion one day, once our nutter king dies and Arthur is in charge!" DO NOT BE FOOLED GOOD PEASANTS. YOU'D BE SAFER STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR'S CAMP AND SHOUTING YOU WERE KING HAROLD.

The many chances to die horribly in and around Camelot. With pictures carefully drawn by monks who stay up all nights doing this sort of thing. )
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I have a cold and feel all snuffly and wretched (the fact that I have to work on stuff all weekend isn't helping). But [ profile] immigination wrote me Gwen centric Merlin fic for which I bid on in the [ profile] help_haiti auction. It is: here. Yay!

Merlin is totally my new crack. I find the fact that the Knights of Camelot have a shelf life of about 2 weeks rather bizarrely reassuring. (Where are they getting them from? Does Uther put up posters saying 'Young men with a deathwish wanted. Red cloaks supplied so your enemy can have an excellent target. No sorcerers, thnx'?) I also feel that the good citizens of Camelot should reconsider keeping it as their home town, given that every malignant being for miles around seems attracted to it like a cat to nip. It's got to have the highest mortality rate of any kingdom ever.

I can also tell you that something like 90% of all Merlin fic involves AUs in which Arthur is a model and Merlin a photographer and they have it off endlessly between snaps. I won't even begin with the one where Merlin went around calling Gwen a harlot. A HARLOT!
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The Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot love triangle as you've never seen it before
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1. You know, it's pretty much a dreadful idea to keep a dragon chained in your basement. It's really only asking for trouble.

2. I have no idea if this is accurate or not, but apparently sword fighting in ye olden tymes pretty much just involved bashing away and hoping you got lucky with the pointy end.

3. Druids like forests. They're like leafy, druid crack. But for some reason they also like giant scorpions. I feel the combination is not entirely ideal, especially for guests.

4. The miniature crossbow - sold only at Medieval Assassins R'Us - is an excellent, if perhaps not all that useful invention. There's only so small arrows can get before they're just tiny, annoying toothpicks.

5. People were a lot cleaner in post-Roman England that they were in the later, less post-Roman years. I approve of this as I do not really want to watch grubby people for hours at a time.

6. I am sorry, but the very idea of a 'dragon lord' only fills me with hilarity. I give the show points for playing that one with a straight face, but still: hilarity.

7. Also: how many times has Arthur been knocked out in this show? I like to feel Gwen and Merlin are the brains behind this outfit, but at this point I am beginning to wonder precisely what Arthur's head is made of.


Jan. 20th, 2010 09:12 pm
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So I have started watching this offering from BBC; have seen chunks of season one and a bunch of season 2 episodes. It is quite enjoyable, despite dodgy CGI and complete lack of scenery chewing by Uther. He needs to stomp more. Morgana also does not seem to do very much, though she stands rather well at windows. This was probably an essential skill in ye olden tymes as there was not much else to do except try and avoid washing and grub around the mud. And as a princess you probably don't have to grub in the mud. However, I do hope there are more episodes where she does the becoming evil/misunderstood thing.

My favourite character is Gwen and her awesome self. She is exactly what I would have wanted to be as a kid. Well, in honesty I would have preferred to be more princessy and possibly had a pony, but given that she does get to be queen eventually I imagine that's coming.

The HILARIOUS thing is reading fandom reactions to season 2 shifting to her and Arthur. The shrieks over the turn towards the relationship and it apparently breaking up the true love of Arthur and Merlin are fairly entertaining. It's Arthurian legend! What did you expect was going to happen? It's not like that's an obscure part of the story.

ETA: And because almost all the fic out there (DON'T LAUGH AT ME. MY LIFE IS VERY STRESSFUL) is about the epic manlove of Arthur and Merlin,* I am delighted that at the Help_haiti fandom auction I bid and won on someone to write fic for me based around Gwen.

*I don't mind this. What I do mind is that Gwen and Morgana might as well not exist apparently in many people's minds. Or people feel the need to write things that insist Arthur is only with (the clearly inferior) Gwen because he cannot have his wizard love. It just seems like such a lazy way to write when people do this to get rid of a canonical relationship. It's like the ones where people kill off the OTP on the show in two lines and then have the other person bounce back in weeks to discover they never loved that person at all.


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