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It was FOUR AM before I went to sleep last night. This seems wrong! Thankfully I don't have to get up too early but still that's crazy hours!


1. I finished several books amongst whom was the marvelleous To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis. Someone on my flist recommended this to me and all I can say is thank you. It's part time travel adventure, part homage to horrendous Victorian art, and also to the Edwardian era and the world of Jerome K. Jerome. Even at 3 in the morning as I moped about getting no sleep and looking like death's unattractive relative when I rose, it still entertained.

2. I finished season 1 of The Young Riders in which clich├ęs were shamelessly used at about the rate of four a minute. We're up to people making comments about the Civil War which is a'coming folks and will force BROTHER TO FIGHT AGAINST BROTHER and FREEDOMS TO BE CURTAILED and INNOCENCE LOST and who knows what else.

3. Still haven't finished The Little Fairy. This weekend its hour will come. Or, rather, hours. Plus I also have the first disc of Wolf's Rain. I have never really watched anime before so I hope that's a good starter one. If I am really traumatized I plan on blaming [livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore

4. I also finished two more Blood Ties books. Including the one where Henry gets locked in a box by Zombies. I enjoyed him being generally useless in that one. Though it still didn't dent his self-confidence any. I think what is most annoying is that he thinks about himself in capitals: standard Henry reflection seems to go like 'I am Vampire. Nightwalker. Prince. Leader of Men. ETC.'

5. I have finished teaching and am getting excited about going home for Christmas. Yay! For Christmas in Ireland. Let's hope this year my sister and I don't find any more mad stray dogs who proceed to fall in the Liffey.
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Okay, whatever you might say about that episode, that was quality manpain right there. I haven't seen manpain that excellent in a Western production since Bourne.

Also, I think I may rewatch that Young Riders episode with Jimmy and Emma in the fort. Please don't judge me, because I am already doing enough of that myself.

ETA: Okay, so what is it with Young Riders and whorehouses? Now The Kid has been embroiled in a fracas in one involving a hooker and is now in jail. It is all Very Shocking.
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Where do I even start?

IMPORTANT UPDATES: The Gap-Toothed maiden that Jimmy was dallying with was a wrong 'un. As is the girl in this episode. Seriously, the boys should just stick with Lou and Emma and stop having their hearts stomped on. Or maybe just keep falling in love with their horses.

It is all so exciting and thrilling and I just want there to be no end to it all. And if some girl fell in love with Lou I think I would expire from the joy of it all.


ETA 2: It is! And now Lou is seeking out Jimmy in the whorehouse and he's all fancied up and loving working amongst the whores.

ETA 3: Ooh, there's an evil madam and she has big plans for Jimmy! Plus there is also a hooker with a heart of gold. No cliche has been left unused.
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Until I get around to starting The Little Fairy (my first wuxia!) this journal will be all about Young Riders. Sorry about that.

But this show is so incredibly awesome. Now Jimmy is lusting after Emma whose honour he must protect in a fort run by a madman.* And she treats him like a boy but he is saying to himself 'I am a man'! Oh, Jimmy, I am sure your sullen boyishness will be appreciated by other women.

ETA: It's like a fanfic! Jimmy and Emma have given up their blankets so they must huddle together for warmth. And now she is talking about babies she wanted to have with her dead husband. Or possibly her husband who ran away.

ETA 2: Why Jimmy, you...you man of fickle affections, you! In the opening minutes of the next episode Jimmy is all interested in some gap toothed gal who challenges him to a race off. And she is quite unalluring, too. Jimmy, don't you remember Emma at all?

ETA 3: Jimmy's gap-toothed maiden is MARRIED.

* I know he is mad because the ominous music tells me so every time he appears.
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Is there any good Young Riders fic out there?

I know, I know...

*shuffles off to be really embarrassed in a corner*
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Zip.ca, using their unique system of sending DVDs, finally sent me disc 2 of the Young Riders.

It had many excellent moments, including the one were Lou is finally unmasked to all the boys and we find out that there has been lusting after her. And the line 'well, you're the prettiest boy I ever did see.' I hope Lou sleeps with one eye open because I suspect those lads don't get off the ranch too often.

ETA: I think the kid just declared his love for his horse. Or, as he said, 'She's the only thing I have.' Aww. It's like Abelforth but with a horse rather than a goat. Let us hope the old west is more understanding than the close-minded wizarding world.

ETA 2: God, this show is great. I love every cheesy, young riding minute of it.

Does anyone remember Legacy? I and a friend religiously watched that show until its TRAGIC cancellation at the hands of a cruel network. I remember it had the sheriff from Young Riders in it doing something manly with horses.
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I just received this from Zip (a Canadian version of Netflix) and I have to say it's rather excellent. Yes, it is cheesy and all the rest of it, but it has Pony Express riders! The West! Girls cross dressing as boys! Gun fighting and sheriffs and lots of mad galloping with purpose across the landscape! Sadly, it looks like only season 1 is on DVD and I will be thwarted once I have viewed it and have to once more exist in a Young Riders DVD-free world.


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