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Thing are a bit smashing right now: I had a nice birthday, finished and sent in all my grades, and am off to Vegas tomorrow. In Vegas besides drinking and carousing and all those good things I will also be going to a spa (a lovely birthday gift) to fix the damage these things do. Touch wood for good humour continuing!

There are a million and one things I have to do when I get back, but hurrah for free time. I love Vegas because it is completely and utterly a frothy, useless place. It also probably signals the decline of Western civilisation but I shall be like a Roman at the end of the empire and just ignore that bit.

I have also been watching (astonishing!) some Korean dramas. I gave up on Lovers in Paris* and watched bits of Full House, where I commited the heresy of thinking the other guy was hotter than Rain. Though Rain was awfully cute and the only reason the character he played worked was because of his immense charm. Without that, he would just been an irremedeemable brat until about episode 8. Or maybe I just think that because I thought the heroine was utterly smashing and wanted to smite people who made her sad? I think I might have over invested in her a bit.

Sadly, due to issues with our old TV (presssed into use while we await replacement big TV) I cannot really watch anything on it and am forced to use the computer. Not really ideal as I like to do other things on the computer while I watch the telly. The struggles I undergo to watch Asian dramas!

*This made me wish that there was some sort of swap place online for these things as I have a few that clearly I am never going to finish and would like to send them off to people who would enjoy them. If anyone on my list would like it just shoot me an email.

Also I gave someone my copy of Long Vacation and want to buy a better copy of Mars; any suggestions of where to get them (I really prefer to buy and not have to burn the discs because I am lazyyyyy that way).

PS. To prove I am not a complete savage and do read things (many things! but most of them are too boring to share with you and involve long involved arguments about dead Romans) I started 'South of the Border, West of the Sun' which is just as good as all the rest of Murakami's works and am girding my loins to try and start 'Quicksilver' again. I find that book filled with really smug writing of the sort where you can just feel the author gloating over his cleverness on every. single. page.
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Oh flist who knows all:

1. Is there actually an official version of the Tdrama Mars with English subtitles? If there is I'd like to buy it, but I am not sure where to look. (I can't seem to find it on Yes Asia).

2. Outside of nehaflix and ebay where is a good place to get Bollywood? I want to get Oh Darling Yeh Hai India and it's not available on either. I fear some of the sites out there.

3. Where do you buy (translated) manga online? There are some shops here I can go to but I'd also like a good online source.

Thanks very much!
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Thanks to ebay I will soon be the proud owner of two dramas:

One is Pride, which combines two of my loves, melodrama and hockey. It's Japanese and comes recommended by [livejournal.com profile] ginger001; as soon I saw the words hockey I knew I had to own it. [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie is this one you've seen?

I almost bought Peach Girl, the anime, as it sounds my cup of tea story wise, but when I looked at the images I just couldn't get myself to buy it. Sorry, [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie; I should probably try and see an episode or two to break myself of my prejudices. I know someone else on my flist recommended another anime which sounds great (The Big O), but when it comes down to it anime turns out to be the frontier beyond which I do not venture. So instead I bought 'Say Yes Enterprise' which is a bunch of different stories in one collection. Some of them sound meh, but there's a couple on there that sound excellent.

I also thought about buying the manga of Mars, but 15 books? That's a lot in one go and I couldn't see the point of just getting one. It's not so much cost as space issues; I really resolved not to buy any more books until I got rid of some myself and though I have piled a bunch in a box they haven't gone anywhere. Don't they ever sell manga as one collected volume? Because that would be a lot easier to deal with.

I'm still looking on ebay for some others...


Jul. 31st, 2006 03:55 pm
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I have finished it and it was excellent and everything ended the way it should and all of that. Sooooo good. I would post but [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie writes so much better about this show that I could. Yes.

I want to go and rewatch Meteor Gardens, which I liked but did not have the mad passion for the way I do for this, but then I would never get any work done ever again. And that would probably be quite bad.


Jul. 31st, 2006 01:15 am
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Oh Mars, you wonderful angstfest of melodrama, only sheer exhaustion is driving me to bed before I finish watching you. I literally cannot read any more subtitles even if I am at the ultimate episode (I think; I lost count a while back). And thank you for tossing a mad mother into the mix. This is the BEST SHOW EVER. And also seriously creepy. There was one scene where the hero is visualizing his mother's portrait coming alive to try and strangle him that was about the most terrifying thing I've seen. Actually this is sometimes a very cleverly shot show. (The scenes with the mum in particular are really well done.)


Jul. 30th, 2006 09:22 am
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So, I think this is the best mini-series thingy ever (is it a mini series if it has 21 episodes? Or something else?).  It really is: there is so much angst and pretty people standing around with issues.  So far we have:

1. One male lead (Ling) with serious issues because a) he is the product of an extra-marital affair and b) he told his twin this pushing him to commit suicide, right in front of Ling.  He has catatonic fits (they call it 'false death') and rides motorbikes, when he is not standing around being absurdly pretty.  He also sometimes goes a bit bonkers and beats the living daylights out of people who probably deserve it.  And has spent 2 years in the loony bin

2. One female lead (Qi Luo) who has serious intimacy issues. Serious as in she freaks totally out if someone touches her too much.  As she is dating Ling, who likes the ladies, yes we have a crash coming up soon.  Obviously there is something in her past as we get flashbacks of it, but we do not know precisely what yet. 

3. Ling's sort of ex-girl from high school. He stole her from dead twin (before he was dead) and she returns and sort of stalks him for a bit. She has an annoying little girl voice and mannerisms and I hates her, yes I do.

4. Ling's gay masochistic stalker who killed his last lover/tormenter.  He is also very pretty and stands around smiling slightly whatever happens, which is much creepier than it sounds.  Also spent time in the same loony bin as Ling and resents Qi Luo for taming Ling's more bonkers instincts.

5. Some mysterious older gentleman who pops up when Ling's portrait (as Mars, god of war) was exhibited. I think he will be Important in some way. 

ETA 6: I forgot the slightly creepy dead mum of Ling, who used to say that their father was evil and at the same time it was good that they were growing up to look like their father. Of course, they didn't know that the guy they thought was their father was not really their real father.  The flashbacks to her are always have this wierd timing thing going on and the frames are slightly out of sync so it looks a bit like some shots in a Japanese horror film. Obviously Ling's memories of her are not happy, happy ones. 

And there's so much more! 

Can someone rec me more of these sort of dramas? [personal profile] dangermousie?
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This is Mars, a soapy Taiwanese melodrama, not Life on Mars, I mean. I followed [personal profile] dangermousie's lead (she was raving about it a while back) in watching this and I am not disappointed!  It is pure melodramatic pleasure on DVD. 

The two main characters are about the most repressed, screwed up people you've seen.  He has catatonic fits, gets kicked out of school, is prone to fits of rage and has a heap of issues about his dead twin (quite what they are, I'm not sure). She can't bear to be touched, is so timid she can barely speak at the start of the drama, and expresses anything meaningful through painting.  Yes, they're about the two last people in the universe who should be in a relationship, but that's what makes it so wonderfully angsty and melodramatic.  

And for bonus measure there is a loyal best friend, a psychotic person with too much interest in the male lead (he is seriously creepy) and some untold family drama for both of them in the background.  It's like it was made for me.

ETA: The male lead (Ling) just had his 4th fit (or so).  It was very exciting and then he beat someone up.  But he also saved them from jumping to their death, so I figure that's probably a decent exchange, right?

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Ages ago I bought this Taiwanese soapy show called Mars.  A touching story of boys, girls, racing, evil twins, dastardly stepfathers, etc., etc. because [personal profile] dangermousie was having such fun watching it. I also got Meteor Gardens (a similar story of love and angst); I actually watched that but somehow Mars got put on the DVD shelf and lost behind other things.  But now [personal profile] dangermousie is going to rewatch it and I will be doing so with her.  I am ashamed to say how much I am looking forward to wallowing in unabashed angst for a while.  

And this is a bit random but  [personal profile] sutekh had a bit on the viewership of Doctor Who during the Curse of Fenric which got a viewership of 4 million (eek!), with 57% of the audience over 35, and only 23% under 15. Curse of Fenric is for me perhaps the best McCoy I've seen, but it does have that distressing tendency to toss far too much on screen and let the viewer sort it out as best they can.  I was happy that whoever directed it had Sophie Aldred not do as much of the shouting as she usually does. 


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