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No, I do. It's absolutely one of the few things I can't abide on the Telly. That and Fox 'News.' So I'm about 20 minutes into this thing and I have (not cutting this because there's no spoilers):

a) rarely loathed anyone as much I loathe Starbuck in this. Seriously, it's about wiping out all liking I have for her as her remarkable self-centeredness (which apparently must be excused because she is screwed-up) is repellent. ETA: Lee is running her a close second, though.

b) been forced to watch far too much boxing. Which is to say any at all.

Is there some pay-off for sitting through all this boxing? Will I suddenly find out that Starbuck was possessed by evil alien overlords?

Er, though, judging by the flist reaction this is a very loved episode, so I am out in the cold.

So I sat through the rest and now there are spoilers. Plus added rant.  )
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Surfacing briefly from horrendous overworkathon (I have enough self-pity for an entire nation; it's impressive in a way) to whinge. One of the problems for me with Tivo is that once I put a show on it usually I can't be bothered to take it off so I often end up watching things I loathe just out of laziness. It really takes me a lot to delete things. But Jericho finally offended my sensibilities so much that I have gotten my lazy person to delete it from its season pass. It's so horrifically conservative and so in love with the concept of the pater familias it could have been written by the elder Cato. Though I guess I should give them points for creating a post-apocalyptic Father Knows Best. Go them, for being creative in a very creepy reactionary way.

Heroes, on the other hand, remains wonderful. Yay for Hiro and his delight in his superpowers. And yay for his sidekick who is entirely made of awesomeness.

Also bonus points to BSG for being all sorts of wonderful, even if I do want to kick Starbuck in the rear regularly, even if I do understand why she is deep in trauma. cut for spoiler from last week )

And now I am typing this while Alexander is on the telly. Jesus, that film opens bad and gets worse. Angelina Jolie shrieking at Val Kilmer about her womb is comedy gold, though.


Apr. 26th, 2006 02:51 pm
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So, [livejournal.com profile] queenofthorns posted some spoilers for BSG.

cut for, well, spoilers )
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..and all I can say is feck off BSG, feck off. Right, that's it for me for the foreseeable future. Meteor Garden and Mars (both purchased recently on Ebay) here I come! Because I prefer my gender politics to be reasonably honest.

Adieu, sweet prince [=BSG] and may flights of angels bear you to your rest. Because I sure as hell won't be there with you.

Love and kisses,


PS. Please god, if ever killer robots ever attack the human race, please let humanity be not as stupid as they are on Galactica and the fleet. I mean, it's not a lot to ask for, is it? And can Starbuck never be in charge of anything titled 'undercover action' ever again, because she is really bad at that. And her being put in charge of anything of that ilk sort of proves that humanity is pretty much too stupid to be allowed to survive. After all, you don't look at Starbuck and think 'hey, great undercover presence,' unless you are quite, quite mad.
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Caprica's Heavy Machinery News, long known as the premier source of information on heavy machinery throughout the Twelve Colonies and the Galactica Fleet, wishes to announce a new and exciting venture: an Agony Column. As we have long given advice on maintenance of your treasured cogs and wheels, we consider ourselves admirably suited to expand into other areas.

In our inaugural column we deal with the issue of heavy and weighty manpain, but we invite letters dealing with all forms of agony and anguish.

PS. Our last publication “Poppet Valves – not just for the enthusiast” is now sold out. Extra copies are obtainable only by special order.

Our Agony Column )

A previous report from CHMN may be found here
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Caprica's Heavy Machinery News would just like to point out that its issue 'Gauge sizes and tititanium screws: 3" or 2"- which is optimal?' was more riveting than this week's episode. It had a certain train wreck quality (akin to reading our rival publication, Big Hulking Lumps of Movin' Metal) but not a lot else.

And that wanker Adama has confiscated our last issue in the name of 'military security.' I guess he didn't like our calendar 'Hot men and women of the Galactica fix things in their underwear,' featuring Captain Adama as Mr. Fix-it for July. Hey, we have no prurient interest - it was all for charity. Charity, I tell you.

In other news the BBC adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South is stupendously amazing and wonderful and I am only sorry that it was not longer. Those Northern men sure know how to brood. And lead a strike. I approve of both, by the way. It is a pity that they can't combine the two for some character in a BBC drama.
There's a community recently started for it here: North and South.

ETA: Also I am reminded of the comedy series Brass which was set in a Northern town in the 1920s; it was replete with self-made men, nyphomaniac aristocrats, feisty socialists, and gormless lovers. In other words, it was excellent. Especially the inevitable statement every episode of 'there's trouble at Mill.' I wished someone had said that once in N&S - you know they were itching to.
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Or, do you have to be good to be saved?

Spoilers for the last episode in the US ahoy )

Also I saw the first DVD of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South and am pining to see the rest. I may or may not have ordered it online with a gift certificate I have in my enthusiam.
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...or (not so) deep thoughts about Battlestar Gallactica

<Cut for spoilers for the most recent episode )
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I pretty much saw these two back to back due to real life intruding so I'm rolling them both together. Mainly it's a lot of talk about Cylons

Cylons, Reporters and Lee (Spoilers inside) )
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I am determined to be a Roman matron (too old to be a puella) this Halloween. Anyone have any suggestions for good ones you can buy online? I am terrible with sewing so making one is not really an option as it would doubtless fall apart as some shaming moment.

I had my orientation for my second part time job this morning. It will be fun teaching adults once more though I fear Latin I is not the most thrilling class to teach or take. All that declining and conjugating is deadly. The other sort of adult class I am teaching is going okay though some of the students who should speak up in class don't and some of them clearly can't follow instructions which are clearly written out and said at the start of every class. (I say sort of adult as it is undergraduate and while undergraduates can be very mature and adult, some of them need a little time to grow up still. Not insulting anyone on my friends list who is an undergrad - I am sure you fall into the mature and responsible category and would never dream of hijacking another person's presentation instead of doing the one you are supposed to.)

This year is going to be terribly busy though, as I still have to do my full time job, these classes and get myself into gear to finish an article and think about a talk for a conference in the spring. The last I'm most worried about as the conference will contain many very clever people who know far more than I do about the subject. They might mock me and that would be very traumatising.

I haven't seen BSG yet as I managed to mess up the Tivoing, which shouldn't be possible, but somehow I managed it nonetheless. I have to wait until it repeats so I can record it properly - for some reason all I have is the first 19 minutes of the show.

ETA: Do you know that if you are pregnant you must under no circumstances step over a beaver? According to Pliny the Elder this is a big no-no for pregnant Roman women. I wasn't aware that this was even possible in Rome, but I guess there might have been a rogue beaver problem caused by barbarian pets.


Aug. 25th, 2005 12:03 pm
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Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] ysrith's talk about Lee angst I bring you a tiny, self indulgent piece of Lee angst. (Warning: it is very self indulgent).

No real spoilers beyond basic knowledge of the series. No pairings, just Lee.

These are poets' wretched lies.
- Euripides, Heracles

Lee does not believe in myth )
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I can't be the only person to be irked by the increasing tendency towards multiple editions of DVDs.  Nothing annoys me more than buying something and then the producer/director/studio accountant putting out another edition of the film/TV show, with four seconds extra advertising footage and 'special' commentary by the guy who made the coffee. I don't buy the new editions, because I am nothing if not cheap, but it still annoys me especially when they haven't advertised the fact that they are planning on coming out with version 2.0.

Although I totally deny that I am an addict of Farscape I did go to Best Buy today and see what Farscape they had and they had a $95 edition of some of the series, plus some new 'Starburst edition' that is a) cheaper and b) comes with new extras but doesn't look complete.  If I'd bought this show already on DVD I know I'd be really annoyed.  I ended up not buying anything, because, well, $95 is a lot to pay for a TV show and how do I know that they won't come out with a third edition when they want to squeeze some more cash out of fans? 

And what on earth could you put on  an 'collector's' edition of Labyrinth that makes it worth $44? Unless it's a piece of the trousers Bowie was wearing.

ETA: As I am in a grumpy mood...why do people think Lee is whiny? Poor guy seems stoic to a fault to me, yet I keep hearing about his whinging which I never see. Sure he holds a grudge, but it's not like other people on the show are exactly models of forgiveness and light. And I'm not sure he's wrong to be grumpy at his dad, especially as we don't know much of the backstory beyond snippets.
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This bit of extreme silliness was inspired by the post below, my unwillingness to do real life work, and wondering about exactly who the representatives of the press we keep seeing on Battlestar Galactica are. What if some of them were from trade publications?  Or company newsletter writers?

So without further ado, I bring you a crack report from Caprica's Heavy Machinery News on the latest news in the fleet.

Warning - Spoilers of a sort up to 2.6, I guess


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My sole thought about Battlestar this evening...

Cut for the extremely spoilerphobic )
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Behind the cut are a bunch of plot/logic problems I had with The Farm. They may not be terribly insightful and perhaps I missed something that might have explained them but they were extensive enough that I didn't really feel the sense of fear and disgust that I think I was supposed to in that episode. Not that it really matters, but I wanted to write them all out. :-)

Questions on BSG's The Farm )

ETA: What's behind the cut pretty much amounts to: being on Caprica must suck away IQ points. That explains everything.
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Just to warn you, I didn't really like tonights episode, so there's a bit of a rant behind the cut

There's no crying in Space! Spoilers for tonights episode of BSG behind the cut. )
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You know, when you look at the DVD of Season One of BSG on Amazon it lists only one star: Richard Hatch. You have to click on 'see more' to get the other people who are actually in the regular cast. I find this very amusing.

Also from reading Ron Moore's blog I realise that he likes many of the things that I don't actually like about Starbuck the First. Admittedly I am going from dim memories and catching bits of the original series on SciFi, so maybe I am totally misinformed about the wonders of the original character. In any case, this makes me a little worried.

And in totally unrelated note, I always find it funny what Amazon thinks I would be interested in. As I tend to buy both academic and specialised books and tv shows from there my suggestions are totally schizophrenic.

Could some kind person who knows something about Stargate: Atlantis tell me if they can get back to Earth or not? I've only seen a few recent episodes and I'm confused.
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Actually this is a serious question rising from the comment that Moore gave that the Galactica was not really staffed with the brightest and best so I started wondering why would the crew be so insanely fond of him on the show. I don't mean just fond of him but devoted to him personally.

Pros and cons: no spoilers beyond the general first seasony stuff )
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There's Death! Sports! And Adama! No one ever has fun on BSG! Spoilers for tonight's episode )




ETA: BSG looks very good on giant tv.


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