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My deep, meaningful review:

1. I had forgotten this was the book where they all got hormones. Way to go, boys and girls! It was sort of fun to watch them.
2. It was not nearly as scary as the book
3. It pains me to say this, because I love the character but Emma Watson may well be the worst actress I have ever seen. Normally people get better over time: she has managed to stay the same through all six movies. When they were little kids it was sort of cute and, besides, none of the trio were very good, but while Radcliffe and Grint aren't exactly great actors as they've gotten a bit better Watson stands out more and more.
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I am somewhat disappointed in you. Or possibly living a very sheltered internet life. Because nothing really has even approached the crazy of the academic who I met at an interview lunch who wrote Harry Potter fanfic to (and I quote, even if I cannot summon up the lunatic glare in her eyes) 'rescue Hermione from JK Rowling's antifeminism.' I believe that she thought that Hermione was a real live person that Rowling kept locked in a box and took out when she needed to annoy feminists. Or, perhaps, just this woman personally.

Cut for spoilers for Deathly Hallows and for HP ship talk )
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I've never really read fanfiction in this fandom (for some reason I don't see the point in reading fanfiction based on books) so I guess I've missed many, many things. But why is all the fanfiction about pairing extremely improbable couples together? Normally, I'll read anything with any pairing, but when almost every single story you see recced seems to be about some couple that have never had a nice (or even a nasty but deep) conversation the mind begins to boggle.

I understand love-hate, but there is absolutely no way I can see Draco and Harry getting it on in the dormitories of Hogwarts or even at the end of the world. Not without Draco being a totally different character than he is in the books which surely defeats the purpose of writing Harry Potter fanfiction. Why does no one ever write about Harry and Ron, who, you know, actually have conversations with each other and like each other? I would have thought that Harry rescuing Ron from the bottom of a lake would be slashworthy. Likewise for Hermione and Snape, Ron and Draco, et alia.

On another note: off to see Tosca at the opera tomorrow. Next week it's Parsifal. I think it must be my week for doomed love.
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...but might get there soon if I have to read more essays. Not that they're bad just that I begin to twitch after about 10. In about 2 1/2 weeks I will be off to Ireland for Christmas; I just have to hold on till then without going mad from lack of sleep.

About a week ago I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Ron grows more uncomely by the film, doesn't he? (Or is that me?) He is beginning to look like a deranged and pasty second-rate Romantic poet.

My new big passion is Hermione and Viktor Krum, because the actor they cast for the role was seriously rather fetching in a brutish, might leave you behind in the dacha with 5 children under 7 way. I normally am not attracted to this look, but it was tempered by his youth so I was smitten. And Hermione looked so cute with him until the heavy hand of Ron-jealousy ruined it all in a teen angst way.

Like many a foolish person before me I went looking on fanfiction.net for stories about this pairing (or even the characters). The horror! The Mary Sues! (Based on Krum lusting after other women) The improbable plots where Krum or Ron (or both - I didn't check) were abusive bastards from whom Hermione had to be saved by some unlikely hero.

And as I still don't get the Draco Malfoy love - he's an incompetent little upper-class git in my opinion - I am always astonished with the amount of stories that feature that overbred twerp.
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The Guardian reports on the first UK Harry Potter conference; if you haven't yet, go and read. It's really...well something or other. I'm not sure I have the words.

My favourite bit: "Vander Ark looks like an actuary, and he speaks of Rowling with disdain - as though she owes him something. No one at the table challenges the librarian and, as I return to the Muggle [non-magic] world, passing some wizards photographing a pair of Snape's underpants and a gently hiccuping witch, it occurs to me that I sensed a faint resentment of Rowling in Reading. She is the scribbling reminder that the Potterheads' preferred world is an invention."

Are people really called Vander Ark? It sounds like a pseudonym. Or a mad Dutch meglomaniac.

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"His deepest desire when before the mirror of Erised is to lose the painful reality of his older self through re-integration back into the womb of the family from which he was cruelly separated by Voldemort. This childhood trauma emerges through his struggle with the forces of repression and desire."

From the abstract of a paper to be presented at a conference on Harry Potter: http://www.accio.org.uk/DavidRafer.shtml

I'm not sure I can say any more except that I think I wrote that sentence about Lee's undying love for his barrel.

(Though, in all fairness, given my rants recently about jargon I should say that all the abstracts I read were very easy to understand and some did sound rather fun. Well, the Snape on trial bit sounded fun. For those interested in the economics of fandom, I couldn't work out how much it cost to attend.)
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I don't think there are specific spoilers, but probably best to cut as the insanity over the latest book is very scary

why Potter wank reminds me of religion )


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