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Because people want to must know who the saddest spies are:

1. Jason Bourne, Wuxia Hero

2. Lucas Shaw, Spooks: The Spy with the Manly Prison Tattoos of Anguish

3. Tom Quinn (see below)

Clearly, spying = life of misery and ruining the lives of women who love you.
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I had to spend all day working (and still have stuff to do, pah!), but it has all been made magically better by watching Jason Bourne's thrilling, tragic manpain on the telly. Even though I have seen much manpain (a great deal of it of the screaming and shrieking variety thanks to kdrama) none gives me as much pleasure as Bourne's. It's so stoic and immobile and Matt Damon has presumably been told that if he smiles - even a bit - then bits of the world will fall right off, causing horrific death and destruction all because of HIM.

So. Good. I did this picspam a while ago to celebrate it.

WHY IS THERE NOT MORE FIC CELEBRATING HIS PAIN? I am very disappointed that so many of the fics are about him and Nicky and not more about him building his cabin in the Canadian wilds so he can spend the rest of his life thinking about Marie and his Tragic Loss.

ETA! How could I have forgotten to mention this, [livejournal.com profile] calixa's video ode to the Bourne Manpain:

[livejournal.com profile] calixa wrote comment fic on Jason Bourne's life in his cabin: Go. Read. And demand a sequel.
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A while back inspired by [livejournal.com profile] calixa and [livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore I did a picspam of Jason Bourne: Wuxia Hero. I was, however, but an amateur dabbling in the deep, deep waters of wuxia manpain.

[livejournal.com profile] calixa, on the other hand, is a master. And, lo, she has taken her skills and created a video that proves once and for all the essential manpain laden, tragic, and wuxiaish nature of Jason Bourne.

Look upon this work of staggering genius and despair:

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What is wuxia, you ask? Well, even if you don't ask I will tell for I have researched* it very thoroughly. Wuxia is a genre of historical dorama in which there are magic swords, flying carpets, much flying through air while fighting and training, people falling into rivers and getting out and still battling for hours, and - MOST IMPORTANTLY - excessive amounts of very attractive manpain. This manpain usually results because his love is FORBIDDEN. And not just regular forbidden, either: this is Forbidden with a capital F, carved on the sides of mountains and inscribed into the laws of at least 4 countries.

But I bring you possibly the one and only Jason Bourne: Wuxia Hero post.

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This is Jason Bourne. A man who walks alone. A man with no memories (well, no happy ones). A man tortured by excessive amounts of angst and manpain. Plus guilt. WE MUST NOT FORGET THE GUILT.

Many, many images of manpain and angst behind cut. Spoilers for the second Bourne film. Nothing major for the third, I think. )

*And by researched I mean I have looked at many lovely picspams on [livejournal.com profile] calixa's,* [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie's, and [livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore's*
livejournals. From which I also stole the pictures.

*And who also came up with the whole Bourne = wuxia hero idea.
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I saw the new Bourne movie today. It was fun but it did seem to manage to pack in more corridor scenes than your average Doctor Who episode. And the director would use the whole shaky cam thing to try and persuade me that this was exciting and that people saying 'this is a code four. he's live' was also very thrilling. Though there was excellent manpain of both the physical and emotional sort.

And speaking of manpain (and I often do these days), I am half convinced that the director of 'Silence' is not only in love with Vic Zhou but also believes he is making a Victorian drama. There was one 10 minute scene of Zhou's character just lying pale and wan on white sheets that reminded me of several Little Nell death scenes especially when his best friend pressed his hand in sympathetic angst. It was all quite excellent, really. And is it just me or does the hero's secretary half resemble an evil Barbie Hsu? I have a strange affection for Evil Secretary and her sort of thing of Secondary Male Lead.

ETA: It has been revealed that Secondary Male Lead of Silence got himself run over to ensure that Heroine and Hero would not get together. I am not sure if this makes him almost the winner on the manpain stakes or just a complete and utter nutter. Maybe the two are not so far apart? But if you like aesthetically gorgeous male angsting this is certainly the dorama for you.


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