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I watch a lot of rubbish. A lot of rubbish. But sometimes I find* a show so bad that it needs a post with pictures to share the glorious awfulness of it all. Here I bring you RH+ a story of gay teenage vampires who fight crime in modern Japan. And are watched over by a really creepy older vampire who likes to do a lot of wrong touching. And there is (as an added bonus) cross dressing as school girls.

No, there is no lower that my viewing can go. I am a bit impressed by that.

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*I forgot: credit must be given where credit is due! I would never have found this wonder of modern television without [livejournal.com profile] calixa. I'm blaming her for all of this.


May. 16th, 2007 10:32 pm
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9 episodes in and someone has finally mentioned the NHL! Yes.

I think the break did me good, but I still like Aki more than anyone else. I suspect this is not at all a typical reaction, but really though Halu is rather smashing until he actually showed some emotion and freaked out on evil architect boyfriend I was not madly convinced by him. As for architect boyfriend, um, you know, when you love people and go off to work for their good there is a thing called the phone. You use it to phone people and stay in touch so THEY KNOW YOU LOVE THEM AND DON'T THINK THEY'VE BEEN ABANDONED.


ETA: I also should add that I saw Yutaka Fukufuji play his one and only game so far in the NHL. It's the first time a Japanese born player played in the NHL. It was also the first time I've seen what was a 4th (or 5th?) string goalie actually play in an NHL game.

ETA 1: New coach also appears never to have noticed quite how many NHL players have wives and kids and balance that well with playing hockey. This is not a religious order!

ETA 2: Oh, for the ending. And yay for Aki. I am sorry but I quite love her and her dignity, tattered though it may be at times. The scene in the last episode where she turns the television off rather than see the photo or find out the actual truth? And it's not because she's weak but because she wants to maintain her balance and her dignity as far as she can. She is really like someone of the last century. (Can you tell I've always secretly approved of the Victorian art of repression?)
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I've been afraid of watching this because it combines one of my great loves, hockey, and another thing I enjoy, doramas. I kept thinking about how it would be sure to disappoint and crush all my hopes of something mixing everything I enjoyed. It's about a Japanese hockey team and their star player who has a serious case of Bureism/Jagrism. Clearly the best player on the team he just seems to want the puck passed to him. As he is the captain I feel this is a terrible, terrible way to play and thus it will take me a lot of time to warm up to him even if he is played by Kimura Takuya who I really, really like as an actor.

I am only on first episode but I am quite enjoying it (sorry [livejournal.com profile] koalathebear because I know you don't like this one). Though Halu, seriously, you should listen to new coach from NHL who actually knows what he is talking about, while clearly your old coach did not. I do not like old coach at all.

And the goalie should be madder. Goalies are always nuts and not well-balanced individuals. Have they not seen every hockey movie ever made? Or read about any actual goalies? Hmpph! And if Halu is a real skilled player surely he should be pining about playing in Canada? I know this doesn't have to be realistic, but every hockey player ever wants to play in North America. And preferably for one of the original six teams.

Plus there is not enough hockey. Not nearly enough.

ETA: Oh, now I feel bad because the old coach just died. Still, he wasn't terribly nice. Or a very good coach.

ETA 2: Despite sadness about the lack of nearly nekkid men in the locker room scenes (a terrible waste of fine manhood, that) I was strangely delighted by the fact that Halu took the heroine on a zamboni ride. That's a real sign of love.

ETA 3: Halu standing out heroine's door saying 'I kind of like those who are sad and suffering, never running away, but standing face to face with themselves...'? I think I might have expired in that scene.
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Umi, evil, evil Umi and your smiles! Are you related to hideous manipulative mum? I bet you are and that's why she's letting you stay in the house. I love the way everyone is always saying at first how nice she is but Rui's only comment is "I hate that girl." He's got good taste and excellent perception! Yes.

ETA: Hurrah for the punishment of evil Umi! Justice prevails and Rui still refuses to forgive her even though she is all weepy. Right on Rui and your perceptive self.

ETA 2: yay for happy endings and romance and couples who bicker their way through happily ever after. Also yay for Yuuki and her chances of finally getting to ride on the back seat of the fabled bike. Hurrah for kindness (hopefully) rewarded. Though I must say Sara and Nishikado are awfully attractive as a couple too.
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Um. I am ashamed but though I know they are doomed, doomed, etc. I still think Rui and Makino are cute together, even if madly mismatched in height. All that violin playing angst needs to be comforted! Plus, less shouting than Doumuyouji. Which is probably not what Makino would want as she does rather like shouting back, but still! Yummy quiet, very wealthy angst is not to be sniffed at. Also he has no evil mother. Though I guess there might be one in the offing who is just better hidden than D's hideous parent.

I stay constantly astonished at the annoyingness of Shigeru. I guess the thing is that she probably ought to work with Doumyouji because they are somewhat alike what with the shouting and the fits that a five year old would throw, presumably because they were socialized by wolves or something of that ilk. But they don't work because presumably they need to be with normal people to maintain some semblance of sanity. She should pair up with Makino's brother when he is a bit older.

One of the things I like about this show is the friendships, though. Especially Makino, Yuuki and their boss. I do miss her stories about her past loves from series one, but I also like the way she poses dramatically and delivers pithy pronouncements in profile. I would like to have this talent as I feel it would make people listen to me more.

The other thing I shamefully admit to liking is mad suicide of Ken. While I do not like the angst it brings and the waste of a life I do rather approve of rubbing the people who are responsible for your layoff noses' in it. If that were the only option I had I think I'd probably aim for the guilt inducing moment as well. And if Doumyouji corporation is so weak that a 20 year old's pronouncement could bring it to its knees then there is something terribly wrong with it. What on earth could he have said? That he was planning on burning all their offices down and replacing them with bouncy castles? And then declaring war on America? The mind boggles.

But evil mum quite clearly just loves controlling people - it's not even about the corporation, it's about getting her son to do what she wants. Because clearly Doumyouji is a better functioning person with Makino than without and will be a better and more responsible person if he's with her...but evil mum cannot deal with him having an existence that is separate from her will. Ahhhh...evil mum, no wonder your son is barely functional as a civilized person.

ETA: Ken, you bastard. Oh evil mum you go further and further. I suspect she was Caligula in a previous life.

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And in totally unrelated news: I hate a) 18th century Irish and b) gothic script. Why do you need to mark lenition with a dot which I can barely see on my photocopy?

And god, moving is expensive. The quotes I am getting are extraordinary - maybe I should just move the books and make furniture out of them?
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I had to work hard today (bitterly ironic on a holiday for labor) and I've been rewarding myself by watching Long Vacation. And so much happiness with this show.

I like the that the two main characters are these people who've been disappointed in their lives: Minami is a washed up model who can't get another job and Sena is a an aspiring pianist who has to teach little kids (who mock him) to pay the bills. Minami and Sena look out for each other in odd ways: Minami trying to protect Sena when his girlfriend is not quite behaving like she should was just so kind.

cut for spoilers in case anyone on my flist who cares hasn't actually seen this )

Also: Who fandom, what happened? [livejournal.com profile] dw_anon has just exploded with the wank. And really exploded in all sorts of new and bonkers ways...
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I'm only on episode 1 and so cute. It's about a washed-up model who gets dumped on her wedding day and moves in with the roomate of the guy who dumped her (and ran off with her money). And it shouldn't work but it does: I've just been watching the scene where she and the guy who she is living with (in a completely platonic, roommate way) get drunk together and throw this bouncing ball out of their apartment window and it is immensely cute until they lose it and he says he will go and find it, but she says it's okay. But it's not okay because it belonged to the bastard who dumped her, and so she goes out early in the morning to find it, which is rather sad.

It stars Takura Kimura as the guy, an aspiring pianist and the very lovely Tomoko Yamaguchi as the model and it is very sweet and cute.

ETA: Oh and in a completely random note I went to see an American football game on Saturday. That's one odd sport and I will never work out why you apparently need 2,000 people to man a team. But I got to see the Rose Bowl and watch people almost set themselves on fire with a barbeque afterwards, so that was entertainment of a sort.

ETA 2: Okay second episode of Long Vacation, much sadder and bitterer, but still excellent. But poor Minani being told that she is rough and like someone who has been trampled upon by many people.
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This took longer than I thought, so here's [livejournal.com profile] cryptile's and [livejournal.com profile] annous' for the moment.

5 Roman Matrons Who Totally Should Have Been Emperor )

5 Bollywood Moments That Make You Cry Like a Baby )

And for [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie: 5 Hottest Bollywood Moments )

ETA: Subtitle hell: I am watching an official copy of 'Heaven's Wedding Gown' which manages the feat of having subtitles for English that are a) completely different from what is being said in the English and b) be completely incomprehensible. I should have not expected much given that the back of the box has sentences like this 'Two people simlutaneously had a liking for a small wooden horse in an individual artistic shop quarrelling, finally under shop owner's tactitly consenting to.' Eh?

ETA 2: I am no longer watching 'Heaven's Wedding Gown' as it was incomprehensible and also rather cheap looking. I have transferred over 'Long Vacation' which also looks a bit cheap (filming on video tape is never a good idea) but has much better acting. Though there is also an unnerving bad English pop sound track in the first episode which is a bit off-putting.


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