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Because people want to must know who the saddest spies are:

1. Jason Bourne, Wuxia Hero

2. Lucas Shaw, Spooks: The Spy with the Manly Prison Tattoos of Anguish

3. Tom Quinn (see below)

Clearly, spying = life of misery and ruining the lives of women who love you.
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Being The Tragic Story of the Third Saddest Spy in the History of the World

By A Lady

This is Tom Quinn. A man of constant anguish and spypain. He suffers for Queen! and Country! And I suspect to entertain terrorists the world over, who like to strike at pivotal moments in his life just to ensure he will never have a moment's happiness. It's not an easy life being the Third Saddest Spy in the History of the World.

Enter his wretched world. Not at all dial up or slow connection friendly. )
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...as I still have to decide whether I will sample Adam's manpain.

I think my favourite thing about Tom Quinn's spypain of manly anguish is how well timed every crisis in the UK is to make it worse. If a terrorist can strike just when it would ensure that his private life is even more of a mess than it normally is, then they will. I think they all get together and decide who can destroy his happiness that day on a committee basis. (I have this vision of people sitting around in shabby rooms going "No! Today I shall blow something up just to ensure he is totally miserable FOREVER!" and then arguing about who has that right. They probably have a wee calendar set up to make certain they don't clash. And someone who follows him around just to see if this is the right moment to strike.)

ETA: Also, I caught the last episode of Harper's Island and I am raging that I missed the rest of it. It was awesomely messed up. I shall be buying those DVDs I think.
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Having reached episode 2.1 of Spooks I can affirm that Tom Quinn does indeed have a sad, sad life. Mind you, he does like to cause his own problems what with bringing bombs home and insisting on staying in a clearly doomed relationship.

Having just had a look around at Spooks fandom I see most people were (to put it politely) glad to see the end of Ellie so he could have another doomed relationship. I don't really get the hate for her; she so clearly was written by the writers purely as a source of intense angst for Tom rather than as a viable character and she delivered; her characterization makes no sense from scene to scene let alone episode to episode. The only thing that rings true is her being freaked out by him being a spy because I suspect that if the average person found out they and their daughter had moved in with some guy who gets shot and wasn't even using his real name* they would not exactly leap for joy. And he does nearly get her and Masie blown up; I think that would be a serious blow to any relationship.

In any case, I think I will not watch the rest of the Tom Quinn episodes with the exception of the bit where he decides to swim into the North Sea. I think that might be a surfeit of misery and right now I just feel comfortably replete after feasting on his angst.

*That's the bit that would be really inconvenient. It would be so awkward after introducing him to all your friends as Mathew Archer to have go "No, actually it's Tom Quinn. Just go with it - those IT people are a funny lot. Oh, and if you ask too many questions some nice people will come and shoot you." at social functions. I think I'd stick with the false name just to avoid awkward conversations.

ETA: In other news, yesterday I bought a giant TV! I can't wait until it's delivered, even though I know I am going to be horrified by how huge it is in my tiny apartment.
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I am enjoying Tom Quinn's (the saddest spy who ever lived according to [livejournal.com profile] gfrancie and she did not lie) manpain on Season One of Spooks, even if I feel he is asking for it a bit and think it is inferior to that of Lucas North. I am also delighted that Season One is every bit as over the top as later seasons. There should be a drinking game that revolves around mentions of how you are doing this FOR ONE'S COUNTRY and why can people not understand that and how it is YOUR LIFE and that you LOOK AFTER YOUR OWN. I can't wait for the swim in the North Sea.

The one thing I don't get is Quinn's girlfriend: one moment she's not bothered at all that he can't tell her everything, then seconds later she insists he must Tell Her All (fair enough, I think, but it does sort of come out of nowhere) and then she moves in with him without him telling her anything. Seems like asking for trouble, really. Shouldn't you find out if he is a gangster or whatnot before moving into his spacious and quite lovely flat? Oh, maybe I've answered my question there.
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So, I've been reading through the episode descriptions of Spooks and is there anyone who hasn't been a mole/double agent/traitor at some point? Though I am really impressed that MI-5 is so forgiving; apparently all you have to do is say how sorry you were and then they're all 'Yay! Let's make you Section Chief!'

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There are few things that I enjoy as much as fine quality manpain. Sometimes one is deceived and what seems like it will be good manpain just turns out to lower grade and unsatisfying emo, but I feel that in Lucas North, possessor of many Manly Tattoos of Anguish from Russian Jails, I have not been led astray. And to convince you all of its glories, I bring you a picspam of some of his many moment of agony from season seven of Spooks.

(I should say that I don't think Spooks is really a very good show, but it does showcase manpain (and womanpain) quite well. Plus teeth-clenching. There really is a tremendous amount of teeth-clenching. It probably has something to do with all the double agents.)

A picspam of manly anguish. And some womanly anguish. Not many real spoilers )
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Quite frequently I find myself watching a version of a show that is quite different from what other people watch. Though I suspect with Spooks the whole just watching for Lucas North aka Mr. Thornton Who Did Time in Russian Jail and Got Tatoos of Emo Manpain is in tune with those on flist who also have watched the show. But just to show that I am not a person with a one track mind I will also say that I watch for the Lucas North's completely screwed up relationship with his ex-wife. It's not on much but it is clearly the very best thing about the show. In this I am absolutely right.

Cut for a few spoilers )


May. 12th, 2009 08:52 pm
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What I particularly love is how everyone on the show tells Guy Who Was In Russian Prisons and Got Tattoos "OMG HOW YOU ARE MALNOURISHED AND SUFFERED" while Richard Armitage looks totally fine (except for the manpain) and perfectly healthy. Like he's been away for some awesome holiday where they made him work out and eat well and generally take care of himself.

And as if being in a prison cell for YEARS and being tortured wasn't enough agony for one man. Spoilers for the second episode of season 7 )
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Or the show where Bridget Jones' mum, Captain Wentworth and Mr. Thornton spy for Queen! And Country!

My verdict based on seeing episode 1 of season 7 and nothing else: hilarious! Spoilers for that thing that happens in that episode below cut )


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