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Courtesy of an Amazon sale I bought Season 3 of Babylon 3 (and 2, but it hasn't arrived yet) and have been rewatching it. It's as awesome as I remember and I have a hard time believing that the person who was responsible for this was also responsible for the horror, YES HORROR, of Byron and the telepaths in season 5. A season I will not be rewatching because I like to pretend that never happened, along with Tracy Scoggins taking over Claudia Christian's role. But there are some small mercies in her leaving the show; apparently the horror that was Byron and his hair was intended as a romantic partner for Susan. I KID YOU NOT.

Why would someone come up with that? It was bad enough with Talia, but Susan!!!!

ETA: I had forgotten that Season 3 brings in Zathras and brings back Sinclair. *Sigh* Into each life a little rain must fall and so forth. At least they don't bring in Scoggins until season 5. If she had hit my screen at this point I would have stabbed myself.

ETA 2: Well, I will give Sinclair his due: he is a master of the artful and annoying pause.
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I alternatively think this show is the greatest thing ever and also the clunkiest series ever written. The 'alcholicism is bad, you know, don't be drinking that stuff!' crap I could do without but the slow slide towards hell and former allies ripping each other apart is excellent. And really, really depressing.

And here be my pretentious comparison: I like the way this is like Lord of the Rings (and a lot of post WWI and WWII fiction): there is no victory without huge loss. Every single good thing must be paid for and there is always a price. I rather like the idea of seaons 5, which is that victory is messy and almost more painful than the war which precedes it, but the execution is sometimes sadly lacking. But Londo and G'kar are always wonderful. As are Sheridan and Delenn.

I just wish that there was a somewhat lighter hand with the writing. But there has been no Lochley for several episodes! Yay!
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I want to marry this review and have its babies. Apart from the bit where he doesn't hate Lochley )

ETA: You know what I hate about telepaths on telly? That they're such an obviously cheap way to be all SciFi without spending any money. Babylon 5 loves that: this season is in love with the close up shots of wide-eyed telepaths and then something happening to a character while you are supposed to go 'Oh my! That was exciting!' Or just having telepaths waving their hands and doing spooky mind manipulation which is not at all spooky because looking at a bunch of people waving their hands is not terrifying at all. It's like all of those alien possession episodes that Star Trek specialized in.

Iosa Chriost: the ending of tragedy of telepaths )

Babylon 5

Oct. 12th, 2007 08:14 pm
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God, I hate Tracy Scoggins. I hate her more than Byron. And the worst thing? Clearly I am supposed to like her or at least admire her spunkiness. Does she last the entire season? Is she in the films?

ETA: My hate for her is a pure and glorious thing. Refined, almost. Everything about her just...just..fills me with rage. And she seems to give more speeches than Sheridan.

ETA 2: Now I hate both her and Byron equally. Why are they on my screen so much? Why do the writers feel these are people I should be seeing and hearing all the time? Where are Londo and G'Kar? Sheridan? Delenn? The show works when I see them, but these newcomers make me want to do random acts of violence.

Now I have seen the telepath singalong. I think I might be traumatized for life. Actually, that is a lie: I know I am traumatized for life. My eyes! My eyes! You know how sometimes you see scenes and you wonder who on earth thought that up and how drunk or high they were when they thought that would work? This was the Platonic ideal of that scene.

ETA: Torchwood 1.02. The one with the sex alien )
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I am just now starting to watch this and what I really want to say is: Tracy Scoggins, get off my screen! You're a sad replacement for Ivanova - you're not even the poor man's Susan, you're just annoying. Everything about you irritates me.

And not related to the above at all, but in light of [livejournal.com profile] meyerlemon's recent posts on George Clooney's opera dancer/current girlfriend, why does Yahoo constantly tell me that he has no plans to marry ever? About every 2 weeks they have a 'story' about this completely uninteresting piece of celebrity 'news.' It's even less interesting than celebrity news normally is. Is this about all his PR machine can come up with - endless stories on how he will never wed? Are we supposed to care?

Speaking of Yahoo, here's a quotation from their coverage of Bush's defense of US interrogation methods (i.e. torture) on terrorist suspects:

Speaking emphatically, the president noted that "highly trained professionals" conduct any questioning. "And by the way," he said, "we have gotten information from these high-value detainees that have helped protect you."

Well, I for one am heartened that the torture was done by highly trained professionals. I'd hate to think that the US government was just letting any old person have a go at tormenting suspects. I assume that this means that Bush is also admitting that they have torture 101-501 courses somewhere so that these people can become highly trained. And professional! Can't forget the professional element. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and throw up.

Babylon 5

Apr. 24th, 2007 09:45 pm
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I'm up to near the end of season 4 - which is about a season beyond where I saw it when it when it was on (I gave up when I missed 2 episodes and had no idea what was going on). And I have thoughts! Yes, thoughts!

Cut for spoilers for a long past season )

Babylon 5

Mar. 31st, 2007 04:13 pm
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I just bought season 4 of Babylon 5 on DVD, so now I have something shiny to watch on the plane trip. I would have bought it on itunes, but sadly they only go up to season 2 for some mad reason which probably has to do with the creators personally wanting to offend me marketing. I think I stopped watching in season 3 when it was on so this should be full of lots of fun surprises. Yay!

Also I have seen the SGA wank about writing characters in an AU story as cats, which has to be the funniest wank I've ever seen. Well, among the funniest, at any rate (it must perhaps come second to the my little pony wank about taking ponies out of their boxes). I like how serious everyone is abut the whole thing, like the initial wanker made any sense at all. It is closely followed about by the older SGA wank (just discovered by me) about Ronon being cast as a barrista in a story.
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Or are they? I am not in the fandom at all so I don't know, perhaps they're what everyone says. I've been rewatching it and I'm about halfway through the third season.

1. Zathros = least favourite character on anything ever. If he talks about himself in the third person one more time I will throw shoes at the screen. He is the most annoying thing about the time travel episodes and makes me hate them deeply and utterly.

2. Season One is not very good. I don't hate it or anything, but Commander Sinclair bores the pants off me. Also it has some dreadful writing of the sort that looks like it was done at top speed on the backs of napkins in bars. Sinclair also brings out the worst acting in others. I am a bit astonished it didn't get cancelled at the time.

3. I rather wish that there was a TV series where democracy works and doesn't turn out to be always hi-jacked by fascists. It would be nice.

But John and Delenn are excellent. They're the quite wonderful and only get better as it goes along. And this time watching it all the way through and not skipping episodes means that I can follow the time travel stuff.

ETA: As for the Guardian list of top 5 Doctor Who companions, I'm not really surprised at who made it as it is rather tilted towards the more recent companions or those who've had a role on the more recent episodes. I think Sarah Jane got a boost (not that I disagree with her position) because she reappeared on new Who as much as the fact that she is quite smashingly amazing. I am glad that Tegan didn't make the bottom 5, though, as I have mad love for her and her endless attempts to get to back to Heathrow. But why no Jamie? He was quite, quite wonderful and wore a skirt better than anyone. And because I really think Mary Tamm is the most gorgeous person ever on Who and a great actress as well I wish Romana I had made the list, but then I guess that's the result of being one of the older companions.

I am sad that Grace made the bottom five because I rather liked her, but I guess she gets caught up in the backwash of loathing for the TV movie. Also she killed the Doctor which strikes me as a bold introductory move.

I am going to come right out here and confess that I don't actually really like Ace very much, though I think that has to do a lot with my problematic feelings of the last years of Old Who, which is when I threw in the towel. If it helps, I don't dislike her as much as I did when I was watching it, when she drove me up the wall on a regular basis. Again, though I think that had to do with me getting unhappier and unhappier with Who as much as with the character.



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