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I will be buying this DVD but I am not sure I can ever watch it again. And I can't imagine what watching it would be like if you had children.

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I am not sure I can watch this any longer. For real.

This is perhaps the darkest and best SciFi I have ever seen. It's unspeakably horrible and brilliant and marvellous.


Jul. 23rd, 2009 08:07 pm
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Why, yes, Jack it is all your fault. You should have known better. Seriously - what were you thinking then and now? It always comes back when you make deals with the devil.

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Jul. 21st, 2009 08:15 pm
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So, where was this show the last two seasons? It's amazing. I'm not even irritated by Ianto, which is sort of astonishing. (I'm sorry! I never got over Cyberwoman). Gwen and Rhys on the run have got to be the cutest pair of wanted criminals ever.
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You all told me it got better in the second season. So far I've seen Gwen's wedding one, the one with the evil circus, and the one with the kids abducted by the rift. And they make Stargate: Atlantis look good and filled with competence. That's impressive.

(No wonder they're all so crap though. All Captain Jack apparently does is have it off with Ianto at the office. This probably leaves him little time to actually run an organization or do much.)
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Okay, whatever you might say about that episode, that was quality manpain right there. I haven't seen manpain that excellent in a Western production since Bourne.

Also, I think I may rewatch that Young Riders episode with Jimmy and Emma in the fort. Please don't judge me, because I am already doing enough of that myself.

ETA: Okay, so what is it with Young Riders and whorehouses? Now The Kid has been embroiled in a fracas in one involving a hooker and is now in jail. It is all Very Shocking.

Babylon 5

Oct. 12th, 2007 08:14 pm
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God, I hate Tracy Scoggins. I hate her more than Byron. And the worst thing? Clearly I am supposed to like her or at least admire her spunkiness. Does she last the entire season? Is she in the films?

ETA: My hate for her is a pure and glorious thing. Refined, almost. Everything about her just...just..fills me with rage. And she seems to give more speeches than Sheridan.

ETA 2: Now I hate both her and Byron equally. Why are they on my screen so much? Why do the writers feel these are people I should be seeing and hearing all the time? Where are Londo and G'Kar? Sheridan? Delenn? The show works when I see them, but these newcomers make me want to do random acts of violence.

Now I have seen the telepath singalong. I think I might be traumatized for life. Actually, that is a lie: I know I am traumatized for life. My eyes! My eyes! You know how sometimes you see scenes and you wonder who on earth thought that up and how drunk or high they were when they thought that would work? This was the Platonic ideal of that scene.

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I opted for Torchwood over Moonlight because there is only so much smelling of the past that a human being can endure (though in the ad breaks I caught a few bits which didn't exactly lure me back)

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