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I've had ups and downs with Farscape (some of the more scatalogical humour just doesn't appeal to me), but when this show is on its game I just love it. 

Which is to say I loved Terra Firma.  Not as much as I loved the one where Aeryn holes up in the hotel room mourning one of the Johns, because that one is the best ever. 
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So. I watched 'A Prefect Murder' and 'Coup by Clam' and again we have the schizophrenic writing

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I’ve been watching Farscape for a while now (up to season 4). What always gets me is how competent Crichton is. I know he’s the hero and thus if he were a useless git it wouldn’t be so interesting watching him fail endlessly, but still his competence burns from time to time. That’s in line with most SciFi: the human comes on board or lands on the planet, has a bit of culture shock and then teaches the aliens a valuable lesson about life/morals/individualism/capitalism/other things which only humans really understand. And that always annoys me a bit as I am not sure even if I had a totally screwed up society I’d be all happy with some bloke coming in from outside and saying ‘oh if you only let people be freeee to consume/have sex/sell things/paint/dance the conga/vote in an electoral system that looks just like ours you’d all be so much better. I bet I’d sacrifice him to my god and go back to living in my repressive society.

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Apr. 1st, 2006 09:08 pm
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I don't get this show really. I've been dilgently watching it (I'm up to the fourth season) and I don't mind the puppets. And I really like Pilot and Aeryn Sun. What I do mind are episodes like 'Lava is a many splendored thing.' How could you actually write something this awful? It's the most appalling episode ever. Oh yes, and I say this as someone who has seen the one in the first season where Crichton grows a mad beard after being left on some planet and it looks like he stapled a beaver to his face.

I feel with this show that that there are some really great things going for it: Moya (I'm a real sucker for sentient ships), ill-sorted band on the run from superior forces, some fun characters, but it gets ruined by some really puerile writing every 5th episode.
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So, supposing someone wanted an icon of blue priestess or Aeryn Sun where would she theoretically go? I'm not saying I'm an addict of Farscape or anything, but I wouldn't mind an icon.

And Crichton's old man pants are better than his orange NASA spacesuit, which makes him look like a human/orange hybrid. But as a mistaken wardrobe choice it is exceeded by Ronon's hideous brown jacket on Stargate Atlantis which resembles a road worker's outfit. Nothing wrong with that, but I keep expecting him to don a hard hat and start digging a road rather than growl and stab tables.
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Why does Crichton wear old man trousers in the beginning of Farscape? Because he does, and they are scary and hideous and very distracting.

So far I've finished watching through 'Back and Back and Back to the Future' and 'Thank God it's Friday. Again.' I'm rather hoping that D'Argo gets smarter, we don't see Rygel's (sp?) bodily fluids play a key role in the narrative ever again, and that they cast better actors in the guest roles. I really like the main cast but lusty Scorpion woman in Back to the Future was particularly bad. Not to mention her mad leaping around in the set up to the fight scene with Aeryn looked like Monty Python on acid.

Blue priestess is still my favourite, though new second favourite is Aeryn. Not so keen on D'Argo as I think he's not sure if he wants to be Worf or not.


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