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I've been watching pivotal scenes the ones with Philip in them with decent subtitles and it is an entirely different experience. I finally know that hero's evil father did for sure sell heroine into slavery. Really. Because that's the sort of show this is.

You know, I really like the heroine. Apart from her unaccountable poor taste in preferring the hero over Daniel Henney Philip she is really quite lovely. Pity she has to go from bouncy and cheery in the first episodes to being downtrodden and angst-ridden in the final ones. Plus she is also super cute and she has a great best friend who lives with her and her adopted family and also when I watch with the good subtitles might have a sort of slashtastic relationship with her. Especially when she asks her not to give her heart to Philip because she a) wants his super goodlookingness for herself (though she'll give him up for heroine) and b) because it always belongs to the best friend. And they share a bed. I like the Best Friend and Adoptive Brother relationship too.

Pity heroine has a useless adoptive father who owes money to the mob. What is it about this show and useless or controlling fathers? There's three of them, which seems a tad excessive even by the standards of Kdramas. And Philip's dad doesn't seem that great either.

I haven't seen the last two episodes yet because I am debating whether I should watch them with the now almost entirely insane subtitles or obtain decent ones. I've gotten sort of used to not really knowing what anyone is saying and enjoying the sometimes interesting language that whoever did these uses. Maybe the bunny secret will finally be revealed? Or this will turn out to be some experimental drama in which very little of the dialogue makes any sense?
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