May. 4th, 2010 10:30 pm
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Have been catching up on some episodes from this season. That Zod, he sure does love to have people kneeling. I have visions of that being the first sentence he ever said as a wee child much to everyone's amusement. Before he made them kneel, of course. Would love to live in a world where one got to go around saying 'KNEEL BEFORE LESBIASSPARROW.' Of course, I'd do it in a more caring, sharing sort of way.

Lois is awesome, as is Chloe but those resistance fighters in alternafuture were sort of crap. Who not only wastes valuable minutes wailing over corpse of dead and traitorous Tess but even decides to drag the body along so that you can bury it? Surely time is of the essence when you are plucky band of freedom fighters facing superhumans with speedy skills? Wouldn't you want to get away fast and without corpse? Feel I understand now why humanity crumbled in a year.

Oh, and speaking of derivative works, just read LeGuin's Lavinia. Liked the idea that Lavinia could have more freedom as a character because she is silent in the Aeneid but there's no way that Virgil's Aeneas would go around saying 'Oh my Italian love, etc.' The man was so repressed that he couldn't even say anything to Dido as he was leaving, hardly think he was getting into the flowery language once he got to Italy. Liked her take on Ascanius being useless jerk as I've always hated the wee bugger in the poem.

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Ah, Zod. I love Callum Blue, but the Zod storyline is not grabbing me at all. It's not as bad as the Doomsday arc, but I'm still not loving it. (I mean, really, they couldn't do more than that with Davis?)

At any rate, if they keep having Tom Welling and Justin Hartley take their shirts off, I'll watch them read the phone book. (How hot is Justin in his Green Arrow outfit? Those arms are awesome.)

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They always seem to come up with goodish villains and never be able to work out what to do with them. The whole Doomsday thing was a complete waste of Davis.

At least no more Lana, which for me makes the show a million times better.

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this comment is totally useless and OT as i have never seen smallville but did you see LOST last night?!

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Kneeling before Zod is a beautiful and longstanding tradition. It is also one I would embrace for myself but since I've yet to get anyone to call me "Shiny Special One" a la Glorificus I don't see kneeling to me working. Maybe if I changed my name to Zod? I mean, KNEEL BEFORE TAMMY is not actually intimidating.

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I bet if you could shoot heat-rays out of your eyes you could go 'KNEEL BEFORE MR. FLUFFYKINS' and it would still be intimidating... :p


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