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I can't be the only person to be irked by the increasing tendency towards multiple editions of DVDs.  Nothing annoys me more than buying something and then the producer/director/studio accountant putting out another edition of the film/TV show, with four seconds extra advertising footage and 'special' commentary by the guy who made the coffee. I don't buy the new editions, because I am nothing if not cheap, but it still annoys me especially when they haven't advertised the fact that they are planning on coming out with version 2.0.

Although I totally deny that I am an addict of Farscape I did go to Best Buy today and see what Farscape they had and they had a $95 edition of some of the series, plus some new 'Starburst edition' that is a) cheaper and b) comes with new extras but doesn't look complete.  If I'd bought this show already on DVD I know I'd be really annoyed.  I ended up not buying anything, because, well, $95 is a lot to pay for a TV show and how do I know that they won't come out with a third edition when they want to squeeze some more cash out of fans? 

And what on earth could you put on  an 'collector's' edition of Labyrinth that makes it worth $44? Unless it's a piece of the trousers Bowie was wearing.

ETA: As I am in a grumpy mood...why do people think Lee is whiny? Poor guy seems stoic to a fault to me, yet I keep hearing about his whinging which I never see. Sure he holds a grudge, but it's not like other people on the show are exactly models of forgiveness and light. And I'm not sure he's wrong to be grumpy at his dad, especially as we don't know much of the backstory beyond snippets.


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