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I just backed up my Livejournal account over at Greatest Journal and Insane Journal. I feel a bit embarrassed about this because doing this makes it seem like:

a) I have an edgy journal that could be shut down at any point by LJ
b) I believe that what is on the journal is worth preserving for the future of humanity and that the world would be a much sadder place if my deep commentaries on doramas, Doctor Who, and god knows what else were lost
c) I am a sheep who sees posts on how to do this sort of thing and then goes along with the herd. (Actually, this one is totally true. I wouldn't actually care if all my wondrous posts were lost (though I'd care about the comments, because they're the most interesting bits of the journal) but everyone else seems to be doing this sort of thing and thus I must do it

MORE IMPORTANTLY I FINISHED MY GIRL. There will be a post later that is full of deep thoughts (mainly of the 'I want to stab Tennis Girl so very badddd' category) and pictures of some of the more poorly considered male outfits.

And even more importantly here is an awesome post on shorter manga complete with summaries. I always think that I would like manga but I really don't want to read the 20+ volume series. I don't have the dedication for that sort of thing, but this gives a handy list of ones I think I could manage.

And in unrelated linkage the Guardian did a piece where much praise is bestowed on Sophia Myles acting 'skills.' I have nothing against the woman personally: I am sure she is lovely and she is quite astonishingly beautiful but she cannot act. Je me souviens Tristan and Isolde where she was outacted by James Franco's hair and sported the worst Irish accent I have ever heard outside a Lucky Charms commercial. I have very deep bitterness about Tristan and Isolde even though all I've seen is about 3/4 of it on a plane. She is also one of my few gripes about the Doctor Who episode Girl in the Fireplace as she gave Madame Pompadour all the charisma of cold porridge. (Which is why I am fonder of that episode when I think about it than and see stills from it than when I actually watch it).


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