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In honor of the cheesefest that is Stairway to Heaven, I bring you this, an easy way to create your own drama! Complete with cliches and stepsibling love. And angsty moments galore.

ETA: WTF? Even for the magic skience of dramas and Bollywood, saying that a car accident caused eye cancer is surely pushing it a bit. And yet here I am still watching the thing. They must send crack through the screen or something.

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While the Tudors has some very pretty people I think it is still rather a terrible show. Mainly because it has managed to make the relationship of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn exceedingly boring and really irritating. They are about the most annoying people ever and I suspect the rest of the court spent a great deal of their time rolling their eyes if they were like this. I know there's a good P.G Wodehouse quote about how annoying they probably were as lovers, but I cannot find it at the moment.

Also the show has bad Latin. Terrible Latin of the sort that a first year Latin student could catch.

But still, I bring you a poll behind the cut. And you don't even need to have seen the show to vote.

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So. In honour of Saturday's Doctor Who and the possible fandom implosion and old times on Who, I bring you a poll. Also because I have too much work to do and am thus spending all my time on the net because who really wants to write a research proposal on 18th century working class female poets?

So, votey, if you like. So if Four's episodes were at about the same stage as Ten's what would the internet have been saying about him and Sarah Jane?

[Poll #718338]
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This poll won't make much sense unless you've seen the latest Doctor Who, New Earth, but it doesn't contain any spoilers. Or at least any that will make sense.

So if the Doctor is God/a god: who/what is he god of?

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