Jul. 26th, 2006 10:06 pm
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I spent some time browsing (and being unreasonably annoyed by) cheery quit smoking sites and COUGHING EVERY OTHER SECOND AS I DID SO. And then I watched some Sharpe I had Tivo'ed; while Sean Bean did not cure my cough he did manage to entertain with his manly manliness. I am not sure which one it was but it has the Prince of Wales and a missing regiment. And skullduggery in the Horse guards.

I haven't seen anything between the first one and this one so I was a bit confused because Cut for spoilerific question )
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In order to comfort myself after horrible day I am watching the season finale of The Office. Again. It is even better than I remembered.  Oh, yes.

And [profile] meyerlemon is holding a Bulwer-Lytton terrible first line in fanfic fiesta.  It is the best idea ever.

ETA: I am watching the craggy manliness that is Sharpe.  Normally this is not the sort of thing I go for...but eep!  This is craggy manliness and class (almost) warfare (of a minor sort) and Spanish heroines in men's clothing on horseback and I am totally and very embarassingly on board for it all. Plus there are Irish people making fun of the English as well. Okay, they are in the service of the British army, but still they mock the English.

"I'll do what I always do...I'll stand and fight."  And kerplunk, I fall over. 

ETA 2: Hogan.  I think I may love you too, you're so wily and manipulative and quite scary at times.


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