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Right, I'll admit it upfront, I own the DVD of this one. Admittedly it was only $10, but still that's quite a bit as this show only ran for 6 episodes. This was a vampire show based upon a role-playing game (which I have no idea about, but there you go). It was made by Aaron Spelling which should tell you all you need to know, really, and was about vampire clans living in San Francisco. Hey, at least they didn't call them vampyres.

There was also a plot involving a cop trying to uncover the truth and a newspaper reporter who got involved with the head vampire. No, it wasn't very good, but you could surely tell that from the heading of this entry, couldn't you? But it had Mark Fraenkel in it, whose big film before this was the very funny 'Leon, The Pig Farmer,' and who was very attractive in a sort of business suited sort of way.

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In my time I have watched much rubbish. Much, much rubbish. And I watched it shamelessly. I think probably the nadir of my TV viewing may well have been the WB's reimagining of Tarzan set in contemporary NY, starring Travis Fimmel. Now, given that Fimmel's sole entertainment experience before Tarzan was being an underwear model, you will realize that the WB was not thinking about acting, writing, or anything like that when they greenlit the show.

It lasted about 6 or so episodes, all of which I watched. It was like crack: I knew it was no good, but still its siren call lured me back week after week. But I do feel the show would have lasted longer had they added monkeys. Because who doesn't like monkeys?

And behind the cut are the pictures which will show you why I watched. (Some of the images are not the best, but I'll take what I can get.

Pictures of Tarzan ahoy! )


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