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So, I've always been one of those people who never even thought that the doctor might have been doing it with any (or all) of his companions. No, not even any of the Romanas and certainly not kilt boy, Jamie, though there had to be some reason he was on the Tardis and that's as good as any. But now having finally seen the whole of the first season of the new incarnation I am convinced that the Doctor and Rose should have been shagging wildly pretty much through all of it. I have no idea where this came from and it is a little like suddenly discovering a third arm or something and it is making me think dodgy thoughts about Peri and her doctors (what was it with all those bikinis anyway?). My childhood is being retroactively reformulated ruined!

I do not like this and yet I cannot stop myself. Maybe it's because this is the first doctor I've ever thought, well I'd shag him if I was stuck in a police box in space with him. Or even if there was no police box at all. Or no space-time-whathaveyou thing going on. Not sure about the latest Tennanty version as I only saw The Christmas Invasion and I didn't really get into that at all, what with the English prime minister speaking for the world. Pah, my Irish self rebels at that very thought.

Someone please stop me point me towards quality fiction where there is shagging please, so I am not left with my furtive thoughts. Or alternatively point me towards the rubbish fiction so I get this out of my system.

Also, I have a spare copy of the miniseries of Battlestar Galactica on my hands and I was wondering if anyone wanted to give it a good home? It's US region and if you want it, email me at lesbiassparrow[at]yahoo.com.

ETA: fixed my email address in case anyone actually wants the miniseries. Damn those double rrs!


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