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This is one of the specialities of your average Asian drama hero - they must offer classes in it at acting school. For some reason it is a very male genre, though: the women tend to run through the streets weeping and shouting 'oppa!'. Sometimes they get to shout something else, but they have to walk as they weep, while the guy gets to sit in leather upholstry and think about the woes of the world.

The hero of Stairway to Heaven has really mastered the art of angsty driving: not too much turning of the wheel, staring ahead (sometimes with a tear in the eye, sometimes not), the look of longing...he's got it all perfected. YS in Tree of Heaven was pretty good, but he got to sit in the back as he moped, so he could devote his whole attention to it so that's a bit of an unfair advantage, I think.
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Um. So I am not sure why this kdrama of all is most disturbing to me. I think it's because Hana is so kind and there is always something unnerving about stories where people are undone by their kindness and is what begins Hana's issues. Because she wants to reach out to her Oppa and she doesn't think about how that will end up and when she realises they need each other it is too late...

Poor Hana. Of all the drama heroines I feel she was short changed the most because she was so young and got dragged in without any warning at all. Poor Hana! And I can't help wondering what on earth Yoon-Suh thought would happen after she married Ryu because of him.


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