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So THERE HAVE BEEN REVELATIONS. At the end of the last episode heroine was told hero was marrying mad fake first love, b) was forced to have lunch with hero's evil real father who stole her operation money and (maybe) sold her into slavery, and c) discovered that hero was really her first love. That's a lot of action. And angst. If I were her I'd run off with Philip and just assuage my misery by thinking about how very good looking he is.

There was naturally a lot of Philip angst, some of which didn't revolve around his love for heroine but involved his father. I wish there was someone the show could pair him up with as he about the nicest secondary male/losing person in a love triangle I've ever seen. Poor Philip!

Hero struggles manfully against a haircut which (I am sorry to say) becomes more mullet like with each episode. Well done, hero, but please go to a hair dresser.

There were no bunnies. But the subtitles get worse and worse. I don't actually think sometimes they're even subtitles for this series. I think they've got a pool and just randomly pick sentences when they need them.

ETA: And for some reason the hero has referred to a song as being created from a sait hall. Funniest subtitle since I thought they were talking about eating the heroine's aunt but it turned out they only wanted her to make dinner.

ETA 2: Way to go subtitler and ruin an absolutely affecting moment by assuring me that Philip's big confession to his mother's grave (that took him for ever to find and involved his grandfather shouting and abusing him and a huge breakdown over only being half-Korean) was that he missed his dog. Really? Really? I PREFERRED THE BUNNIES.
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