Sep. 9th, 2006

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This film, which I tivoed a while back when SciFi showed it, is really not so good. But somehow they got all of the following to sign up:

1. Patrick Swayze, who doesn't even attempt to disguise his accent in a film set in Mediaeval England, as some English lord

2. Val Kilmer as a random bandit who is a complete bastard (maybe this was filmed in the dark days after Alexander)

3. James Purefoy as the hero (does this man have no agent? Or does he sign up for these things when drunk?)

4. Bill Oddie! As something or other. But it's Bill Oddie!

5. Simon Callow as the father of a disappeared princess.

6. Joan Plowright (I haven't seen her yet though, so I am not sure who she plays)

And there are other people whom I recognise! And savage picts.
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I was wondering if I became a crazy Doctor/Tardis shipper if anyone would think I was serious and be all offended because I did not ship the Doctor and some paltry humanoid? Or would they just pat me on the head and assume I was joking when I posted everywhere that the doctor would never love anything the way he loved the Tardis and they were SOULMATES FOREVER?

I am a bit tempted to test this out and see what happens. And then set up a Doctor/Tardis community where we* complain about all the other shippers and how mean they are.

*And by we, I mean me on my own. But I would create sock-puppets so I didn't look so lonely and sad.


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