Dec. 30th, 2006

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How else did this show get either viewers or renewals? It's the worst thing ever and I do not say that lightly as I have no standards at all (seriously: I watched Tarzan on the WB and there is no lower than that). It's so horrible and Robin so ferrety and rubbishy that I cannot believe that anyone in their sane mind would think 'right, we need one more year of this.' I am rather impressed by Marian's complete bovineness, though. Her solidity is an example to actresses the world over who aspire to solidity and non-actingness.* Not even Richard Armitage can save this series, though he tries rather gamely.

I think the BBC should do some accounting, though, because quite clearly no money at all was spent on this series. They were taken by bandits. Who possibly had pictures of the top brass with ferrets.

*Also she looks like she wears carpet most of the time. I think they made her dresses out of bits of left over rugs. The actress is not to blame, to be sure, but those are such horrible dresses it is often hard to think straight when she is on screen. And the robes! Even the Middle Ages could not have produced such hideous outfits or the makeup which looks like it was designed and applied by five year olds.


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