Apr. 7th, 2008

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I've been watching Stargate Atlantis (the one where they're underwater. Or I think they're underwater but bits of the city aren't? Or they're totally above water but surrounded by it? I don't actually know. But there's water and a city and spaceships. Plus aliens that eat people). I am so ashamed (so many reasons for this, but mainly it's because the show is not very good but I will always watch it when it's on) but I have started to ship Sheppard and Teyla. Apparently, this is the wrong thing to do because apparently he and the annoying scientist guy, McKay, are having it off non-stop according to fandom. AND AFTER MY HORRIFIC ENCOUNTER WITH THE FLOWERY PROSE OF STARGATE: THE ORIGINAL SHOW SLASH FANFICTION I FEAR WHAT IT MIGHT BE LIKE. Some of it is probably great, but given how awe-inspiringly purple the prose of the O'Neill/Daniel* stuff was I refuse to read it.

* It's not the slash I mind, it's turning two adult men into 14 year old teenagers who probably write depressed poetry in their diaries before taking emo pictures of themselves for their facebook that is objectionable. Even worse when people rec it as being 'totally in character.' HOW??? HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE SHOW????

ETA! Oh and also in completely random stuff:
1. I watched Doctor Who. I hope Donna slaps Ten in the next episode because that never gets old.

2. Hong Gong Dil is awesome. I love them all and expect emo prince to expire from his melancholy soon.


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