Aug. 24th, 2008

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Sigh. I remember when Popseoul used to be excellent, bitchy fun. Then the sister with a talent for bitchy comments got deposed and now it's 'Oh, Rain is so wonderful' and ''Isn't Eun-Hye lovely!' I miss the old Popseoul and its constant Rain-bashing and acid tongue. They don't even call him Magic Feet anymore!
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Someone earlier linked me to the ending of the comic book form of Wanted. And then I went looking for a bit more because I just couldn't believe what she said about it and what I was looking at. I'm sorry if this is your favourite thing ever or if you think it's brilliant commentary on the emptiness of the post-modern condition or the colouring is stunning, but I think it's revolting. Absolutely and totally revolting. I understand a lot got changed for the movie but I still can't get my head around why someone would read this and think 'right! we need a movie of this one!'


Plus there's this bonus treat from the wikipedia page: "As with Superman: Red Son, Millar claims that the concept for the series occurred to him when he was a child." That must have been some childhood.

* Out of sheer bitchery I refuse to call it a graphic novel.


Aug. 24th, 2008 05:54 pm
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So the airport welcome for the UK Olympians has been cancelled due to 'health and safety' reasons cited by BAA. The safety thing I get (though maybe they could fix that by hiring more security for the day instead of cheaping out), but health? Do they think they're carrying plague back from China?
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If you thought Cassie Edwards' covers of improbable love in the Old West were the peak that western romance could aspire to you were sadly wrong.


"No, no!," cried Lone Arrow. "Not the nipples! Anything but the nipples!"

But Esmeralda could not control herself; she had to touch the nipples of this magnificent stranger, feel his sinuous skin, and toy with his flesh. It was forbidden, she knew, but those round, manly discs, the pride of his gleaming chest, called to her and claimed her wandering fingers.

Lone Arrow, leader of some tribe who would surely be horrified by this whole thing, felt his resolve weaken as his manhood awakened... [Further excerpts available upon application to the author.]

Glorious, glorious covers behind the cut. )

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