Jan. 29th, 2009

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I haven't been on line much lately, but probably should be on much less due to reading various things which induce all sorts of fits of rage in me. Chief among these is The Irish Times and the like. I just marvel how they seem just fine with tossing money after money at banks and any other financial institution, no strings attached (and god forbid anyone at the top there should cut their pay! They're brilliant people who deserve their money because otherwise they'd go somewhere else and screw up their economy too!) but you know all those people in the public sector and on the dole and welfare well, THEY'RE CLEARLY THE BIG PROBLEM AND SHOULD ALL BE AXED AND HAVE THEIR SALARIES/PAYMENTS CUT. They're not even trying to pretend that they'd go after the larger wage earners first, are they? God knows how much a 10% pay cut like that will do to an already collapsing economy, with something like a 3% cut in the deficit to show for it.

I wonder if the Dail is going to be included in the 10% pay cut or if they'll give themselves another raise for the stress of dealing with the crisis? I also wonder how much money would be saved by getting rid of the whole pack of them? At this point Ireland could probably make its decisions using the Delphic Oracle and get a better result.
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This evening's episode of Smallville made me want to stab myself with a fork. Repeatedly.

Spoilery comment on the WTFery of this episode )


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