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Apr. 24th, 2007 09:45 pm
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I'm up to near the end of season 4 - which is about a season beyond where I saw it when it when it was on (I gave up when I missed 2 episodes and had no idea what was going on). And I have thoughts! Yes, thoughts!

What I really like about Babylon 5 is that everything has to be paid for. Every victory comes at tremendous cost and there is no real lasting happiness. The best example is Sheridan and Delenn: they have each other - but only can be together for a limited and defined amount of time. And they know it and have to work with what they've been given. It's the opposite of many of the Treks (Voyager, I'm looking at you).

But it's not just that relationship - it's everyone. All the characters pay a huge price for their victories. Though I think that Marcus Cole is a complete wanker for putting Ivanova under such a huge obligation with the alien machine o'life. Look, she didn't want you in that way, but off you go and drain your life ostentatiously for her, without consider if maybe she wanted to die, or if it was her time, or if she'd be happy knowing that this was the price paid for her life. Wanker, I say, and I mean it.

And I really, really adore G'kar and Londo. They should be on the show endlessly and used in every scene - no matter what!

My big unhappiness is the often terrible acting in the show. Did they just go and drag people off the streets when they needed to cast minor roles? Given that the writing is clunky at times (the show is better with big ideas than with the finer moments), it means that the actors just gabble their way through awkward dialogue. When minor characters have to play quite crucial roles this is really annoying and wrecks some meaningful scenes.

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