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Well, I've now watched all the Danny and Lindsay bits except from the last episode and I must say that they are rather glee inducing. I particularly like that Danny is quite clearly speaking in some sort of code that Lindsay does not understand. He's all 'behold the wonders of NY which I want you to love so you never leave' but in order to say it he must say the skyline is better than cornfields, which I assume he imagines Lindsay yearns for every night and worries that she will flee back to one day.

I have this vision of him comparing everything in NY to natural wonders and saying it is better. And pointing out that they have city farms where people rear livestock and dragging Lindsay to them. And Lindsay being unused to people waxing rhapsodic over sheep and cows must be a bit suprised.

It is nice to see a couple that is hamstrung by nothing other than a certain tendency to signal affection like a 10 year old does (by teasing and humour which is the universal language for 'I really like you' amongst elementary schoolers. Or it was in my primary school at any rate and I refuse to believe we were total freaks). They do not (insofar as I know) have Tragic Pasts which would make them pause, they're just not very good as saying 'hey, want to go on a date sometime?'
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The programme itself isn't bizarre, as it's the eminently respectable CSI:NY, but the way I am watching it is. All I am watching are the bits with Danny and Lindsay in them so I have a totally skewed view of what's going on. I don't see crimes solved, I don't see resolutions, all I see are two people interacting (sometimes with other people around). It's all very post-modern or something of that ilk.

And they are very cute. Though I am saddened that Lindsay no longer corrects Danny when he calls her Montana because she looks rather charming when annoyed.

ETA: Oh! Gnarly, yet kindly coroner type person told Lindsay that Danny calls her Montana because he has a crush on her. And she does this sort of downward and then quick upward looking thing that you do when you're not sure what to do with information you've just been given.
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So I gave up on Game of Kings at about page 250. I just couldn't take it any longer.

Cut so that people who like the books can skip by )

But I did watch some clips of CSI:NY today, which I mostly enjoyed. I really liked the Danny/Lindsay introduction scene, where he tells her to call the boss 'sir', and she does and boss goes 'don't call me sir' and she's all annoyed because this is not how you want to start out working somewhere. And then she's all mad at Danny and would rather eat nails than ask him where something is. And you can see he's a bit sorry that he started off like that, but I get the feeling that's the sort of clunky way he interacts with women.

But the gore! There's a reason why I don't watch any of the CSIs and that's the blood and guts and all the rest of it. I don't want to see autopsy scenes; they freak me out. They really should do an abbreviated version of it that is all about the relationships and cuts out all the blood.
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My very deep thoughts upon this Taiwanese miniseries about skullduggery and fashion design:

1. Sui (the heroine, prone to crying fits and somewhat self-absorbed) is very annoying. And dumb as a warren of rabbits. An intellectually challenged hamster could probably out think her.

2. Liang (the hero, who loves unbuttoned shirts) is very pretty. And is also very nice. As he has to put up with the eternally damp Sui as a girlfriend I believe he should run off with evil textile company queen who wants him for his body and his design skills.

3. Evil dad is great. He keeps separating his son (Liang) and Sui with an effortless ease that bespeaks years of evilness and plotting. And he smirks wonderfully and casts an aura of nastiness with careless abandon. I love evil dad.

4. Horrible teen star who is in love with Sui (like every other man except evil dad, who has taste) should run off with her and leave Liang for for the textile company queen. Or maybe just leave Liang to mope in disturbingly attractive pain and woe. Um.

5. Why did they drop the plot of evil dad running off with Sui's mum when Sui was a wee child? At least it gave her revenge fantasies some point.

And in other news, [livejournal.com profile] meyerlemon, who has been posting about CSI: NY for a while (speciically about Danny from that show) posted a link to a picture of the aforementioned Danny. And all I can say is --- well, yes indeed. I do not know what it is about the picture, but despite the fact that I hate these sorts of programmes I now want to watch this show.

And for Doctor Who stuff to do with new pictures what BBC has released )


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