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I was doing some browsing at LJ (hey, I'm bored) and I've been coming across multiple entries claiming the English entry at Eurovision was good. Well, Eurovision good, at any rate. I understand patriotism and I understand a fetish for airline uniforms and perhaps temporary madness which afflicts one at Eurovision, BUT HAVE YOU HEARD THE SONG? There are no grounds on which that was a good song. Bizarre and camp maybe. Entertaining for how the singers got those lines out without having hysterics, but if you have ears you cannot claim that was a good pop song.

And it's not me being anti-English because I am willing to admit Ireland's entry was equally (and perhaps more) awful.
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Is sadly all over. Except for the voting. I am torn between Ukraine, France, Bulgaria, Georgia and a bunch of other equally gothic songs. Though Ukraine should win for just prancing about without collapsing in all of that silver.

If there is any justice Ireland and the UK will battle it out for the bottom.

ETA: The aftershow! The mad cello playing. And the hostess saying to the Greek entry 'you are really beautiful. Do you think that helps...' And then saying 'Well, Lordi won last year and he is really ugly.' The Finns for the Win!

ETA 2: The voting has begun and it is exciting! Cross dressing women are proving surprisingly popular.

ETA 3: So far Ireland and the UK have no points. Well deserved but I am astonished by the Serbian popularity.

ETA 4: Contrary to any reason Ireland picked up a few points as did Latvia. But not the UK.

ETA: WTF, Malta? 12 points for the UK? Did you hear the song?

ETA 5: Lesbian crossdressers FTW. Who knew that was such a powerful voting block? Ireland came last, which was deserved, though I feel the UK's entry was worse. Though I guess that had mad camp appeal.


May. 12th, 2007 12:22 pm
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I just found a live webcast of your delicious, delicious crackness in time to see Ireland's entry. Oh, Ireland. Now I know what my sister meant.

I am so glad to see Eurovision has not changed at all. Time cannot change all things!

Anyone who wants can see it live here: http://www.eurovision.tv/addons/mediaplayer/live/esctv.html

You need to download a viewer but it takes seconds and it is so worth it. If you've never seen Eurovision, you will see Europe as you've never seen it before. You will never be the same again.

ETA: Macedonia upped the ante with dancers doing meaningful things in the background, but Slovenia answered with a vampire lady singing about something gothic. I think. Bad Hungary, your song is relatively boring and normal. I think you've missed the point.

ETA 2: Without downloading anything you can see the videos here: http://www.eurovision.tv/addons/mediaplayer/

Also Yasu Maria? Another great entry in Eurovision tradition! With dancers too. You get extra points for dancers.

ETA 3: Georgia get 9 million points for having dancers with swords!

ETA 4: France! OMG! The guy in pink dancing around like Pee Wee Herman! How? Why? What?

ETA 5: I think Germany and Serbia might be trying to rely on actual talent. This is probably a mistake. They should have gone the Russian schoolgirl route. Sorry I posted about Serbia before I realized they were going for the ever powerful lesbian/cross dressing vote.

ETA 6: Ukraine: crossdressing android things in silver! You have surpassed France and I didn't think that was possible.

ETA 7: The Bulgarian singer had some voice. And I thought it was actually quite good in a mad gothic sort of way. But Turkey goes back to the ever popular glitter theme. Pah, you are all amateurs compared to Ukraine.


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