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I have spent the rest of today (after mad issues with memory creating woes) going through books and CDs and putting them in pile for charity shop. It's really shaming some of the stuff I own and can't even remember buying. When did I buy Jewel? I don't remember that at all! I must have been possessed! This has taught me a valuable lesson about never buying CDs of contemporary music unless I will listen to it in the car or can't be bought online - otherwise it's itunes all the way. The big exception is opera because that I know I will always want around and will go back to time and time again. Age cannot wither the infinite variety of Janet Baker, for example. Thank God for that as I seem to have acquired an astonishing amount of her on CD.

BTW, does anyone want the kdrama 'Lovers in Paris'? Going entirely free! I will post for nothing to anywhere in the US. I would send it off to charity people but I would rather it go to someone who likes these things. You can email me at lesbiassparrow[at]yahoo.com if you want it.

Off now to do the second run through on the books. It's a bit liberating in a strange way to be dispossessing oneself of so much stuff (you should see the amount of paper I've tossed over the past two weeks).

ETA: The kdrama 'All In' is also going for nothing. Except I don't have the original case for that as I tossed it. But it is an official copy and is freeeee* - I'll just package it in some sleeves if you want it.

* Just ignore all my ranting about the giant toothed hero and you might like it! Many people did as it was a ratings smash in Korea!

ETA 2: Both sets have now found a home! Huzzah! There may be other dramas going later as I divest myself, I just have to find them first.


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