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This should not startle anyone who knows my attention span. Also it has unaccountably failed to show me more goats. WHERE ARE MY GOATS? I feel like I did when Spring Waltz withheld Daniel Henney from me in favour of giving me first love's childhood scenes. STOP TRYING TO DISTRACT ME WITH PRETTY KOREAN SCENERY BECAUSE IT WON'T WORK.

Mainly I don't think I am that mad about the clumsy heroine routine. And if you grow bored with a Kdrama heroine then it's an uphill struggle. Anyway heroine turns out to be separated at infancy sister of hero's first love, thus causing angst as her rich birth family blame him for killing the sister. Also she worries he only loves her because she is a dead ringer for Dead Sister (sorry I can't really be sure about names as they switch between Korean and Chinese names depending on the subtitler's whim.) And, dear god, they have given the heroine some terrible hair styles which she struggles against as best she could. Hero has nice hair, though. I wonder what shampoo he uses?

There is some other angst on the part of hero and his dad but I ff through those scenes. Because I bore easily and I can only really deal with one family's angst at a time.

I keep being told I should watch Goong but I've seen pictures of the hero in polka dot shirts and scarves and shorts and I am afraid I would go blind. Also the picture of the cast licking lollipops terrifies me beyond belief. No, I don't know why.

ETA: I am not sure I have ever fallen so out of love with a kdrama heroine as fast as this. I blame the lack of goats.

Goong fashion horrors now behind cut. You will not believe that someone actually dressed someone in these. )


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