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I really liked this, and Helen Mirren was excellent. Though I do suspect that the queen actually spent less time shrieking about her various loves in her palace corridors like a love-lorn fishwife and more time ruling with an iron fist. I'm just guessing.

This is the end of my extremely thorough review. The end. No more. Yes.

ETA: Also am watching 'Under the Greenwood Tree' which I had recorded on the Tivo without realising it. And there is lots of hale yokels saying things like 'Lor' Dick' and drinking beer, which is a sure sign that things will turn out badly. Because this is Thomas Hardy and the countryside is filled with lust and tragedy in about equal measure. Though I seem to recall that this might one of the few that ends well.

Ah, and someone has mentioned the new parson. Who has a gleam in his eyes.

ETA 2: Also there is wassailing. Or what I think is wassailing. And the guy with the floppiest hat has seen the new school teacher and I think it may be love. And some sort of shoe fetish, but that is not entirely clear.

ETA 3: Definately love as he stood out in the snow to watch the school teacher's window. Also the church choir is being replaced by some sort of harmonium. Changes in the choir, it's like revolution in the streets and blood running along the gutters for Hardy. Also the lovelorn bloke in the hat cannot speak before the schoolteacher which is sort of cute, even if a bit disturbing a sign for their future happiness.


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