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Surfacing briefly from horrendous overworkathon (I have enough self-pity for an entire nation; it's impressive in a way) to whinge. One of the problems for me with Tivo is that once I put a show on it usually I can't be bothered to take it off so I often end up watching things I loathe just out of laziness. It really takes me a lot to delete things. But Jericho finally offended my sensibilities so much that I have gotten my lazy person to delete it from its season pass. It's so horrifically conservative and so in love with the concept of the pater familias it could have been written by the elder Cato. Though I guess I should give them points for creating a post-apocalyptic Father Knows Best. Go them, for being creative in a very creepy reactionary way.

Heroes, on the other hand, remains wonderful. Yay for Hiro and his delight in his superpowers. And yay for his sidekick who is entirely made of awesomeness.

Also bonus points to BSG for being all sorts of wonderful, even if I do want to kick Starbuck in the rear regularly, even if I do understand why she is deep in trauma. cut for spoiler from last week )

And now I am typing this while Alexander is on the telly. Jesus, that film opens bad and gets worse. Angelina Jolie shrieking at Val Kilmer about her womb is comedy gold, though.
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I want to like Jericho, I really do, as the idea is interesting and it is ably handled, but I keep finding something really repellent about it when I watch it. I'm not sure what it is - maybe the overwhelming whiteness of the bit of America that survives, maybe the feeling of overwhelming conversatism I get from the show (I can't really explain this, but it's probably tied up with the whole small town values thing which they've got going).

And Lost Spoilers for tonight's episode )


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