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I saw Krissh on Saturday and really shouldn't be posting about it as I am not sure I have the words.  If I had more energy and was not coughing my wee lungs out in this heat I would certainly do a picspam, but alas, I am not up to the challenge.

Krissh is the sort of film that only (thankfully) comes along once in a generation: a film which has the courage to put its superhero lead into a clown costume and have him cheerily dance around with other clowns singing of his love in the Bombay Circus.  Take that, Hollywood!

Hrithik Roshan smiles so much in this film he could be a sycronized swimmer; basically he bounces around like an overgrown puppy loving his woman, being chided by his grandmother and performing feats of strenght in the countryside, until he dons the mask and some pleather and fights crime in the city for a wee bit.  He also carries his own wind machine with him everywhere so it blows his long hair fetchingly when he needs it.  And he can also catch fish with his bare hands so he is quite useful at dinner time if you happen to be near a lake.

Really, there is nothing I could write to quite describe this film, so here's the website: http://www.krrishthemovie.com/
Go see and wonder for yourself!
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[livejournal.com profile] dangermousie has a post on what will be in my opinion the best film ever. Bollywood and superheroes! Does it get any better? It will no doubt even replace Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai on my list of most improbable cheesetastic films. Go, marvel at the pictures! Wonder at the clothes! And despair of there ever being a film this good released outside Bollywood:

Bollywood and superheroes and what are they thinking?

Also, in hockey news this story about Carolina being unpenalised in their abuse of Huet's crease* really annoyed me: http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Hockey/NHL/Playoffs/Montreal/2006/04/25/1550131-cp.html

Okay, I am a Carolina fan and thus probably not totally rational especially as we are apparently the devil in this particular story... Anyway it just seemed a wee bit one-sided of a story to me. Of course, if I were a Montreal fan I'd probably be writing strong letters of protest to the NHL about the officiating .

*For non hockey watching people, I assure you this is not in anyway naughty. Huet is the Montreal goalie and the crease is the space in front of the goal. Just making that clear.


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