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I had to work hard today (bitterly ironic on a holiday for labor) and I've been rewarding myself by watching Long Vacation. And so much happiness with this show.

I like the that the two main characters are these people who've been disappointed in their lives: Minami is a washed up model who can't get another job and Sena is a an aspiring pianist who has to teach little kids (who mock him) to pay the bills. Minami and Sena look out for each other in odd ways: Minami trying to protect Sena when his girlfriend is not quite behaving like she should was just so kind.

cut for spoilers in case anyone on my flist who cares hasn't actually seen this )

Also: Who fandom, what happened? [livejournal.com profile] dw_anon has just exploded with the wank. And really exploded in all sorts of new and bonkers ways...
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I'm only on episode 1 and so cute. It's about a washed-up model who gets dumped on her wedding day and moves in with the roomate of the guy who dumped her (and ran off with her money). And it shouldn't work but it does: I've just been watching the scene where she and the guy who she is living with (in a completely platonic, roommate way) get drunk together and throw this bouncing ball out of their apartment window and it is immensely cute until they lose it and he says he will go and find it, but she says it's okay. But it's not okay because it belonged to the bastard who dumped her, and so she goes out early in the morning to find it, which is rather sad.

It stars Takura Kimura as the guy, an aspiring pianist and the very lovely Tomoko Yamaguchi as the model and it is very sweet and cute.

ETA: Oh and in a completely random note I went to see an American football game on Saturday. That's one odd sport and I will never work out why you apparently need 2,000 people to man a team. But I got to see the Rose Bowl and watch people almost set themselves on fire with a barbeque afterwards, so that was entertainment of a sort.

ETA 2: Okay second episode of Long Vacation, much sadder and bitterer, but still excellent. But poor Minani being told that she is rough and like someone who has been trampled upon by many people.


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