Sep. 4th, 2006

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From Consumer Reports on US Supermarkets:

The frustration is easy to understand. The average household spends nearly $5,000 a year on groceries, yet it’s hard to find top service, rock-bottom prices, and great goods in a single store.

Is it just me or should they not be pointing out that expecting a supermarket to be the cheapest of the cheap and also provide frills and quality merchandise for next to nothing is asking a bit much?
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I had to work hard today (bitterly ironic on a holiday for labor) and I've been rewarding myself by watching Long Vacation. And so much happiness with this show.

I like the that the two main characters are these people who've been disappointed in their lives: Minami is a washed up model who can't get another job and Sena is a an aspiring pianist who has to teach little kids (who mock him) to pay the bills. Minami and Sena look out for each other in odd ways: Minami trying to protect Sena when his girlfriend is not quite behaving like she should was just so kind.

cut for spoilers in case anyone on my flist who cares hasn't actually seen this )

Also: Who fandom, what happened? [ profile] dw_anon has just exploded with the wank. And really exploded in all sorts of new and bonkers ways...


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