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* Warning: this probably bears little resemblance to actual plot due to a) terrible subtitles and b) mad fastforwarding.

There are about 12 (possibly less, possibly more) young people. I think they are all either step-siblings, half-siblings or possibly full siblings. They live in several households but I insist they are all related so that EVERYTHING can be about forbidden impossible love. One pair are married or engaged or at least very close because they have a baby. I think it's a boy but the gender on the subtitles keeps shifting so perhaps it's a hermaphrodite. The girl is a writer but does no writing that I can see - maybe her copious tears form letters and that is how her screenplay got finished? Her partner has cheated on her with a rich girl who WANTS HIM BAD but because he is a wanker he has to dither about whether he wants to throw over Writing Girl for money. He will do so, of course, but only after maximum angst. There is also Rich Girl's something sibling who is a director or just possibly guy who sits around handing out offices and abusing partner of Writing Girl. No, not abusing in that way! It's not that sort of drama. And there are emails from Japan which are very important. And a film. Or a screenplay. And Something-Sibling of Rich Girl is in love with Writing Girl but doesn't know about baby and all. I suspect this revelation will occur in episode 12 but he will be so obsessed he will still want to marry her.

There are also
a) many subsidiary relationships I cannot keep track of. All of them are angst-ridden for some reason
b) two dodgy mothers. Or possibly more. Maybe they are all related too? And they are dodgy because of their own forbidden loves of 20 years ago?
c) hi-jinks in the world of movies. Well, not really, but as I am making the plot up I think this should occur
d) something to do with cars and car accidents. I think Partner of Writing Girl got given a new car out of one but possibly he just stole it. Because he is a bit of a bastard.

Aren't you glad I watch these things and spam your flist with these sorts of deep observations?

ETA: According to deranged subtitles Rich Girl's Rich Father (who will give her anything) seems to be under the impression she wants to marry his father. I think they got some possessive pronouns wrong... And how can you know how to use 'abstruse' properly and not be able to manage a simple sentence like 'would you like a cup of tea'?

ETA 2: Okay, even with bad subtitles I am calling the heroine as a bona fide nutter. Your partner/husband/whatever dumps you and abandons your new born baby AND his entire family of many siblings despite the fact you put him through college because (as he puts it) he wants the whole world - aka a rich woman and a cushy life. Then he slaps you when you are trying to reason with him. And right after the slap you say you won't ever let him go because you insist he loves you? WTF?

But I have to give credit to those boys from Shinhwa. They're not afraid to play complete bastards, are they? This is sort of like Que Sera Sera except the hero is even more of a piece of work.


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