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I was thinking how eternally grateful I am that they did not have the internet when I was a child.  (Well, they did but it was called the interweb and only used by scary government agencies in underground bunkers and the like).  Seriously, I know I would have made a spectacle of myself all over the web. And been one of those people who ignored capital letters and wrote fanfic where people had babies and confessed their eternal love in shameful ways.  

Also I would surely have picked a user name like 'Adamantlover4eva' and been stuck with it.  Because you are not wise at the age of eight and do not think about years down the line when you will be deeply shamed by such things.  Or even (God, forbid) 'I'mgonnamarrysomeonefromduranduran.' If I was 12 now I'd bet my LJ name would be 'luvsNine.'  Or something equally shaming.   

Now, admittedly, lesbiassparrow is not the best of lj names, but, hey, surely referencing Roman literature gets me points? And Latin literature is never going to go out of style.  This is true even if people do think I am called lesbian sparrow and wonder what sort of point I am making.    

Occasionally I see online names and I think 'I bet you regret that one at some point' and wonder about the age of the person using it and wonder when they'l; wish they had picked something which dates less.  Because it is such a pain to change over from online names, because even if it is all happening out of reality, you do attach a certain personality to names.  And if you (like me) fear change then someone's name changing takes a lot out of you.   And quite clearly the universe revolves around me so that is very important. 

So, er, what is the name you think you would have picked if you were going online as a 10 year old with your current obssessions?  C'mon, be honest! I've admitted I would have referenced Duran Duran in mine. And that's many years worth of mockery right there.


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