Nov. 26th, 2006 06:31 pm
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Saw Bond for the second time and I am still so very much in love with it. And this time I didn't just goggle at the amount of times they decided it would be great to beat Bond up and show the blood and his wounded body. Well, I did a bit, but then I noticed other things. Not sure what they are right now, mind you.

But the trailers! What the hell is 'We are Marshall'? This what I got from the trailer: Oh look! We'll honour a giant plane crash of playing football as an homage. And everyone will be brought together through realising that this is the best way to deal with grief. And there'll be something about race and really bad clothes, but the two are not necessarily related. While it is no doubt very sad that all those people died I find it hard to get worked up about 'the greatest tragedy in college sports history.' As far as tragedies go it isn't exactly the most compelling one to focus on. Though maybe this film was made by the Rocky people as managed by comparison to make the new Rocky trailer look slightly less awful.
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Sometimes you want to see a film until you see a trailer for it. And just now a trailer for The Brothers Grimm managed that for me. Of course, any film that admits it stars Heath Ledger is problematic to start with. Add in moving trees that move in the same way that K-9 didn't and you have a whole pile of something that I don't want to spend my money on.

ETA: The Closer on TNT on late night TV is the insomniac's friend. But I am a little disturbed by the Army ad that seems to suggest that if you sign up for the reserves you really aren't part of the army and hence won't be shipped out to Iraq...


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