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So, I am returned from trip to desert places. Unbelievable fun, including staying at the Amargosa Hotel, run by batty, dancing, and very aged lady. She apparently performs at the adjacent 'opera house' which must involve her standing and people dancing around her because otherwise surely she would keel over.

Also hotel in desert had no TV, restaurant or phone. Thus I and my friend were forced to entertain ourselves. Which I did by reading The Way of All Flesh out loud which is a rubbish Victorian novel, but if one reads the right extracts it becomes rather naughty. I plan on posting this pornographic version at some point in my journal, because Victorian hypocrisy needs to be unveiled. It does also almost write itself as those Victorians were fond of the double entendre.

Also I just saw the new Who.

Spoilers )
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After the longest ever return trip from Ireland I am finally back in Los Angeles; the flight involved a surprising amount of sitting on various airport tarmacs due to a misbehaving cargo door. We ended up being madly diverted all over the place which meant missed connections and an overnight stay in Toronto. But at least that meant I got to drink some Molson on draft (which I haven't had in forever) so it wasn't all bad.

Ireland was so much fun if a little damp at times - especially at the Tall Ships race in Waterford when icy rain dropped from the skies and the wind decided to ensure that not all the ships could get into harbour. I think I will need to detox for a week after the amount of booze, cigarettes, and food I have consumed; it's steamed vegetables and water for a month for me. (Or for about 3 days which is as long as I usually last on these things).

My father decided to repeat his more or less annual 'give a gift that will be a nightmare to carry back on a plane' routine by giving me something very expensive, heavy, and crystal as a present. It was a lovely thought, but I must say my first thoughts on getting one of his presents is usually 'how on earth will I get it back in one piece?' rather than happiness and delight.

After picking up the nine billion emails I couldn't get while in Ireland (my mother has the world's slowest internet connection) I found that I've been invited to a conference in New York in March next year. It's very odd as the rest of the people invited are prestigious and famous in academia and I, sadly, am none of these things. I don't even teach in academia though I publish the odd thing. They seem to have the right person - they're not mixing me up with anyone else or anything but I can't imagine why they'd want me there. That won't stop me going as they will pay for the trip and accommodation and I never turn down a free trip anywhere. And I'm certainly not turning down a free trip to New York of all places.
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Woohoo, off to Ireland (at an obscenely early hour) tomorrow. I can't wait to be sitting by the Liffey with family, feeding the ducks and drinking happily. And I have over 2 weeks of this to look forward to.

It's funny that the further you get from horrible weather the more you long for it. I've actually been dreaming of rain. I think about a week into the holiday I will feel different.


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