Sep. 16th, 2006 07:16 pm
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Um, I am doing this research thing on vidding and thought it would be a good idea at some point to make one so I know what it takes to make one of these things.

I know there are people on my flist who vid and have much angst and pain in doing so. What programme would you recommend? Not recommend? Should I stockpile the valium before starting?
I am reasonably good at reading half way through instructions, stopping before the pivotal point, and then trying things out on my own with lots of cursing.
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I was wondering - do you think vids are more likely to be relationship orientated than fanfic or less? I ask because it is hard to find non-relationship ones out there - harder than I think it is to find gen fic and I was wondering why.

Can someone who knows more about this enlighten me? Or perhaps correct me if I am wrong.

And if you can point me to good discussion of the why of vidding I'd be even more grateful.

And also I have a vox account, but I can't see that I will be using it much. I am too lazy to learn anything new:

ETA: And in RL news today I had to go to this lunch thingy and I had to bring something. I was going to cook and then I managed to cut myself and bled everywhere which sort of put an end to that. It was all very traumatizing and sanguine and a blow to the whole 'I will be good and not just buy something at Gelsons like I normally do' domestic goddess routine. Last time I do that. I ended up buying a wonderful chocolate cake which probably was a lot better.


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