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I’ve been watching Farscape for a while now (up to season 4). What always gets me is how competent Crichton is. I know he’s the hero and thus if he were a useless git it wouldn’t be so interesting watching him fail endlessly, but still his competence burns from time to time. That’s in line with most SciFi: the human comes on board or lands on the planet, has a bit of culture shock and then teaches the aliens a valuable lesson about life/morals/individualism/capitalism/other things which only humans really understand. And that always annoys me a bit as I am not sure even if I had a totally screwed up society I’d be all happy with some bloke coming in from outside and saying ‘oh if you only let people be freeee to consume/have sex/sell things/paint/dance the conga/vote in an electoral system that looks just like ours you’d all be so much better. I bet I’d sacrifice him to my god and go back to living in my repressive society.

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Repeat after me: I am going to hell for thinking all/most/any of this.

Behind this cut is a selective listing (with images) of people the Doctor may have shagged in his various incarnations. That is, if you do not think of the Doctor as completely asexual and not at all tempted by youthful flesh.

I am blaming for this in no particular order:
a) Christopher Eccleston for being strangely hot and making me think wrong, wrong thoughts about the Doctor
b) various people on the internet whom I have read lately. You know who you are.

Also I am a bit biased and this only includes those who were on the telly. Because I haven't read the books beyond the odd novelisationthe books aren't really canon. Also not all the companions are included because there is no way the Doctor no matter how demented, how desperate, would have been tempted by the likes of Mel. And I left off Ian and Barbara because their love was for each other only.

No real spoilers. Unless you consider knowing who some of the companions are spoilers. But it's not dial-up friendly

ETA: I also left off Turlough, the Brigadier, and Liz Shaw though they are all obviously possible shagees in the Doctor Who universe.
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