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Cicero c. 50 BCE on the evils of modern music: "and yet I do observe that audiences which used to be deeply affected by the inspiring sternness of the music of Livius and Naevius, now leap up and twist their necks and turn their eyes in time with our modern tunes." (De Legibus II.39)

I always knew that using that double aulos would be the end of society.

My Girl

Aug. 2nd, 2007 08:51 pm
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So now I am watching My Girl, a Korean (what else) dorama with a delightful heroine (I hope I don't fall out of love with her because that would be sad). It involves a girl with a useless, yet quite fun, dad who owes money to the mob. She has quite a talent for telling lies but only in the cause of employment and saving herself. She meets up with a rich company heir whose grandfather is dying and regrets the terrible wrongs that he did to his daughter and granddaughter. This is a crucial plot point: you know this because people bring it up about very 20 minutes.

But I am not as interested in the leads as I am in two male secondary people who both look astonishingly like girls. Seriously, the first time I saw one of them I thought he was a rather pretty girl until he spoke and even then I doubted if he was faking a low voice. I also think he was wearing lipstick. The other one is important in some way but still girly but has awesome kung-fu skills. I trust there will be a plot revelation about both of these are related in some way. I care more about this than I do about the leads getting together (as they surely will). But at the moment I have issues telling them apart.

And there is some tennis player. I think from reading other people's journals she is EVIL.

I also watched a few episodes of Silence, with the phenomenally goodlooking Vic Zhou. That one is drenched in angst that I cannot mock because even though it is way over the top I love the characters.

Er, and I translated some lines of Cicero. Oh, Cicero, you may have been a wanker but you really did love the idea of Rome like no one else did as the Republic collapsed around them. And no, no one, wrote Latin prose like you. Simply gorgeous.


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